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Hi my Name is Chris. I am 29 years old and I currently live in Ingleside Illinois. If you like people who are down to earth and very complicated then you would like me. I am here to discover new things that interest me. I love to learn and most of all i Like making money. I have a great passion for advertising online. I sit in front of the computer for hours that turn into days that turn into weeks. I am self taught. Currently I am trying to up my advertising skills 'FOR FREE'!!!. I own a tree service that is pretty successful. I wish that i could make a substantial amount of money just by sitting in front of the computer and doing what i do best. I love getting leads. Its like a competitive sport to me. I started my tree service by advertising. About 9 years ago i got into advertising by contacting a few contractors and offering them leads as long as they gave me 10% when the job was finished. Then I had a tree guy who heard about me contact me and he wanted me to do what I was doing for the other guys for him. I ended up getting more leads for his service than any other service that I had worked with so I ended up contacting more tree services and advertising for them also. I did all this just through free online advertising sites. Then 2 years ago I started my own tree service and now here I am. Wanting to get back into just advertising and making money on the net. It is what I love to do. I hope that I make money with this site. That would be awesome!

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