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Treesforme.com started out as a sole endeavor to bring together a collection of information to help educate others about my passion for native trees. (I have since dragged family and friends all over creation snapping pictures of trees, having them proof read articles, and spending hours upon hours in arboretums and parks. They are wonderfully supportive! Thank you in particular to Jake, Mom and Kandy!!) While living in Florida, I found I was in the heart of an invasion in both the animal and the plant worlds. Trees from across the globe were brought in for landscaping purposes and the warm, wet, sunny environment was an ideal place for these species to thrive. So much so, many escaped into the wild and started to have negative consequences on the native flora.

And so began my research and quest to find native tree species that are strong, attractive and would be just as wonderful to have at your home or business as a non-native tree. I looked and looked through website nurseries, as well as brick and mortar nurseries, and found time and time again that the pretty flowering trees being offered were mostly non-natives.

As a child, I spent much of my time outside riding bicycles, playing in the community swimming pool, and exploring the woods with friends near my home. As an adult, I sought refuge from everything stressful on meandering trails and in the quiet of our great forests. I never realized how diverse, how important and how threatened they were. How could our forests, something so much larger than life, ever go away? I want to help spread awareness of these issues, promote the use of native species by bringing our wonderful native trees into the light, and help preserve our forests that so often helped to preserve me.

You may read our full bio on our About Us page in a message from the creator at Treesforme.com.

We are spread out over the web in a few areas. Our homebase, TreesForMe.com, is a given, but we also are on Twitter and Facebook, and we have stores with Amazon.com and Zazzle.com

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