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Hello my name is Melissa. In some circles I am known as Mdgshorty and others I go by Trekkieandrea or Trekkiemelissa.

I also love Star Trek and used to be addicted to star trek simming. Its still there, but I also like to write articles online and play computer games also.

My Personal Website is:New Horizon Spaces which is a community for writers and webmasters alike.

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      • I'm back

        I'm back

        7 years ago

        Many of you have not seen me around for quite some time.  Well its time I go for the hubchallenge again with 30 hubs.  I already have 112 hubs. So, for this goal, I will try to get to 142 hubs.  150 will...

      • September 1st 90 Day Challenge

        September 1st 90 Day Challenge

        8 years ago

        Okay, if we didn't have these type of challenges, I still would have created my own, but maybe not as soon.I know darkside is doing 60 in 60 days challenge if I am reading things right.I decided, a little while ago that...

      • Has anyone else been getting Spam mail?

        Has anyone else been getting Spam mail?

        8 years ago

        Okay I don't get much email through hubpages.  I just curious if anyone else got this one.  I took name and email out of this.  Sounds like I got propositions or something.Hello dearHow are you doing...

      • Featured Authors on the Front page.

        Featured Authors on the Front page.

        8 years ago

        Okay I am a bit of a nut at times and the little thing makes me happy or laugh about.  I finally made it onto the front.  The funny part is I was looking to see me featured and of course I took a screenshot of...