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Tribe O...is Anthea. Also known as Kawakib ~ meaning "planets" in Arabic. The name Kawakib suits me because my interests are as numerous and far-flung as the planets in the sky! I'm a bellydancer, I also teach bellydance, produce instructional videos for my YouTube channel, compose music (mostly for bellyancing), write articles about bellydance. I also have three instructional bellydance booklets available. My professional dance career spans over 20 years and I love sharing my knowledge about bellydance. I have lived in Virginia all my life and am enjoying watching the belly dance scene grow and grow!
My other passion is horses...

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  • Tribal Odyssey Bellydance - ITS

    Tribal Odyssey Bellydance - ITS

    4 years ago

    Choreography's hard to remember sometimes... or doesn't work in a particular performance space... or someone's missing from the lineup and now your choreography's not gonna work right! There IS another way for a group...