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I'm Tricia Mason (Nee Neale), a happy a wife and a mum-of-three, and a writer!

I enjoy reading, studying, learning, discussing, traveling, photography, etc. Indeed, I like researching all sorts of subjects!

I have recently published a children's Christmas book and a romance novel on Amazon, for Kindle.

I have a BA degree in Medieval + Modern History and teaching qualifications. I have taught mostly Local History.

I like pretty much anything connected to matters historical. I'm close to my family and enjoy researching our ancestry so I am fascinated by 'deep' genealogy via DNA investigation.

I enjoy languages; learning them, using them, discovering how they develop, etc. I like to find out about word origins, including place-name origins. I also like literature.

When I took my A'Levels, many years ago, I chose French and German, along with History, of course. More recently, I took another A' Level; this time in English literature.

I am also interested in matters theological (though I am agnostic) and matters scientific!!

I am actually interested in lots of things. :)

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Whatever your response to the writing quality of my hubs ~ or the content ~ please leave a comment and let me know. Thank you! :)

May I please thank commenters for commenting, sharers for sharing and 'followers' for their helpful, friendly and encouraging 'fan mail'.

It is all very much appreciated! Thank you! :)

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Trish_M can also be found at 'Web Answers' and 'Pinterest':

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My Christmas romantic fiction for Kindle:

~ A Christmastide Romance



My Christmas children's book for Kindle:

~ The 'Christmouse' Boot



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I am: Trish_M, Tricia Mason, Patricia D Mason, Tricia Neale

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    • Stolen Content

      Stolen Content

      3 years ago

      Hi I don't know if this subject has been raised before, but a couple of my hubs have been 'stolen' from this site and pasted onto http://yourbackpacking.com.At first, I couldn't even find out how to contact the person...

    • "Others you might like …"

      "Others you might like …"

      5 years ago

      Hi I have just changed to the new profile format and I'm fairly happy with it so far. However, I'm a bit bemused by the 'others you might like …' section.I am generally agnostic, and do not believe in Biblical...

    • To share or not to share?

      To share or not to share?

      5 years ago

      Hi All Recent hubs have both extolled the benefits of sharing hubs and pointed out the disadvantages.Positive: Hubbers become better known and their articles may reach more readers.Negative: Hubbers' inboxes become so...

    • Statue of Liberty

      Statue of Liberty

      5 years ago

      Hi I was interested to read, and watch a video, about the Statue of Liberty, which reached America, from France, on 17th June, 1885.If you want to know more, have a look here:http://www.history.com/videos/statue-of...

    • Views Down

      Views Down

      5 years ago

      Hi According to my e-mailed 'Hub Pages weekly' report, in the past 7 days my hub views are down 21.1% and my profile views are down 39.6%. I usually earn an average of about a dollar per day, but, so far this month, it...

    • User Name Change

      User Name Change

      5 years ago

      Hi I have noticed that there are, on the Internet, several other people, known as 'Trish_M', so I think that I would like to change my user name. I know that this isn't possible, at present, but I believe that I read...

    • Repeated / boilerplate Titles

      Repeated / boilerplate Titles

      5 years ago

      http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/98880?page=3Hi I've just been reading about this on another thread and am wondering about some of my hubs. I would appreciate some thoughts I have a few hubs which begin: 'Shakespeare's...

    • Hub Pages Disappeared

      Hub Pages Disappeared

      5 years ago

      Hi Is it only me?For about the past 24 hours I have not been able to access HubPages at all ~ not via the site address, my sub-domain, or through e-mail links. Weird??!!

    • Can we have some brief, general, updated advice please?

      Can we have some brief, general, updated advice please?

      5 years ago

      Hi I know that there are forum threads and information pages, etc, but I am really confused.We used to be told never to put a photo at the top of the hub; mow we are told that we should.We used to be encouraged to get...

    • Discussing Evolution - Why do smany Creationists ignore the arguments?

      Discussing Evolution - Why do smany Creationists ignore the arguments?

      5 years ago

      Hello:)I have had discussions, on this site and elsewhere, with a number of Creationists.For those who have not been involved in such discussion, I should clarify a few things:I do not think that the Bible is the word...

    • Christianity and evolution

      Christianity and evolution

      5 years ago

      Hi I would like to know, please, if any Christian members of this community accept evolutionary theory as true; or if anyone knows any Christians, who believe that evolution is true?Thanks

    • HUBPAGES TERMS OF USE - concerns

      HUBPAGES TERMS OF USE - concerns

      5 years ago

      I have just discovered the new 'Hub Pages Terms of Use' and I am a little confused and rather concerned.HubPages states that 'author content' includes photographs and 'hub content' but does not include...

    • Rudeness


      6 years ago

      Is it me?!It seems to me that a number of Christians think that it is their God-given right to be rude to non-believers ~ atheists, agnostics, etc.This is most certainly not true of all Christians. I know, and am close...

    • Broken Links

      Broken Links

      6 years ago

      Hi When I arrived on the site today, I found that I had lots of broken links. A number were related to YouTube videos.I sorted out all of the problems, but there are still some 'broken links' warnings. When I checked,...

    • A Century of Hubs

      A Century of Hubs

      6 years ago

      Hi I have now published 100 hubs ~ and I felt that I just had to mark the occasion!Hence this forum post.I have received my official notification from Hub Pages ~ so 'thank you' to them!When I joined this site, I was a...

    • Would you recommend HubPages to a friend?

      Would you recommend HubPages to a friend?

      6 years ago

      So, would you recommend HubPages to a friend?That's the question on the survey, and we have to give our reply as a score out of ten ~ but what about the reasons???!How about giving them here?

    • 'Cancer cure known for 35 years?' - Have You Seen This?

      'Cancer cure known for 35 years?' - Have You Seen This?

      6 years ago

      Video only available to watch for free for a limited time:'Cancer cure known for 35 years?' http://www.burzynskimovie.com/http://freethoughtnation.com/contributi … years.html

    • 'WP Easy Content' - Plug In

      'WP Easy Content' - Plug In

      6 years ago

      I just found an item about this, in my inbox, from 'Social Monkee'. The title of the post: 'Is This Guy Actually Stealing Other People's Content?'Here are the...

    • 'Comments' Capsule - Is It Just Me?

      'Comments' Capsule - Is It Just Me?

      6 years ago

      Hi When editing my hubs, in the 'Add More Capsules' section, I have noticed that the word 'Comments' is in grey, while all of the others are in blue ~ and I can no longer 're-order' the 'comments' box. Is this the same...

    • Revenue Potential

      Revenue Potential

      6 years ago

      Hi Looking at 'stats', can anyone tell me what decides the 'Revenue Potential' for a hub, please?Thanks

    • RSS feeds and links to one's own hubs via tags

      RSS feeds and links to one's own hubs via tags

      6 years ago

      Hi I recently received a warning, which I did not understand, but which, it turned out, actually referred to links to my own hubs ~ unrelated ones. I eventually sorted it out.I wondered why RSS feeds to our latest /...

    • Rules


      6 years ago

      Hi Please can we have a 'rules' page that we can access by simply clicking on a link on our 'my account' page?Not everyone knows the old rules ~ and the new ones are a mystery to many of us. They arrive on the forum ~...

    • Duplicate Content  - Should I Be Worried?

      Duplicate Content - Should I Be Worried?

      6 years ago

      Hi I have written some hubs, with some quite long quotes in them. The items are out of copyright, or in the public domain, at least.I have quoted quite a bit from Shakespeare, and from the King James Bible. I feel that...

    • Hub Help

      Hub Help

      6 years ago

      Hi Since joining Hub Pages, I have book-marked lots of hubs, which offered help on how to produce the best hubs, etc.However, many of those items will now be incorrect and out of date. Some may have been incorrect all...

    • How Personal Is Too Personal?

      How Personal Is Too Personal?

      6 years ago

      When hub hopping, one can flag hubs that are 'substandard', because they are 'purely personal'.Thus, I know how to respond if I see something that says:'I got up, had a cup of coffee, went back to bed with a newspaper...

    • My Confusing Unpublished Hub

      My Confusing Unpublished Hub

      6 years ago

      Hi I received an email about one of my hubs, which said:'Violation: Overly Promotional - Solely or excessively promotes another site(s), especially when Hub links all point to one site.'Accordingly, I reduced the number...

    • Anti-Darwin Feeling

      Anti-Darwin Feeling

      6 years ago

      Why do so many people seem to be against Charles Darwin?I am sure that he wasn't perfect ~ who is ? ~ but he seems to have been an intelligent, pleasant, caring and interesting individual, who made some fascinating...

    • Amazon.com Gift Vouchers

      Amazon.com Gift Vouchers

      6 years ago

      Hello everyone I wonder if anyone can advise me on my best course of action, please?I have received some Amazon.com gift vouchers, but, I live in England, cannot use them on Amazon.co.uk, and have been 'stung' a few...

    • Hub Hopping and Pictures

      Hub Hopping and Pictures

      6 years ago

      I used to 'hub hop' just to find interesting articles, but I didn't know what the 'help us' referred to.After the recent fracas, I realised that some hubs are classed as 'low quality', or negative in other ways, so I...

    • 'Method Not Implemented'

      'Method Not Implemented'

      6 years ago

      Does anyone have any idea, please, as to why I saw the following, on one of my hubs, where an advert would usually be:'Method Not Implemented''Invalid method in request'Thanks

    • Google Analytics tracking code not detected

      Google Analytics tracking code not detected

      6 years ago

      Hi!I signed up for Google Analytics a week or so ago, but have had no results.This message came up when I checked it:'The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website's home page. For Analytics...

    • Too Many Product Listings

      Too Many Product Listings

      6 years ago

      Hi A warning message has suddenly appeared on one of my hubs ~ 'Too Many Product Listings'. I have never seen such a message before and cannot find anything on the 'Help' page about this subject.This must refer to...

    • Another Hubber's Hub - Recommended

      Another Hubber's Hub - Recommended

      6 years ago

      I have just been reading a brilliant series of autobiographical hubs, by Arthur Burke, about the ups and downs of an English teacher's life in Paris.The story begins here:http://hubpages.com/hub/A-Self-Help-Fre …...

    • Amazon Commission - Affiliate Settings

      Amazon Commission - Affiliate Settings

      6 years ago

      Hi I am still learning about Hub Pages, and I am not very computer literate, so I would like some feedback about information provided on a hub I just read.I enjoy writing and get a lot from Hub Pages, but I think that...

    • A Bit of a Quandary

      A Bit of a Quandary

      7 years ago

      Hi I would be really interested in some feedback, please Thanks!I enjoy writing, so was very pleased to find HubPages, but, as I have mentioned before, I felt that it presented me with a dilemma. I would love to earn...

    • Low Hub Scores

      Low Hub Scores

      7 years ago

      Hi I have read how important it is to keep ones hub scores up. One person wrote that they should always be above 74, I think, so I always hope to keep mine above 70, by tweaking them a bit.I am still in the learning...

    • Not Bad, But Could Do Better

      Not Bad, But Could Do Better

      7 years ago

      Hi All!I am really enjoying my time on Hub Pages. My scores are quite reasonable. I'm fairly happy with my writing.But ...I'm guessing that I could do better.When people write ~ me included ~ it is because they want to...