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Hi! Just the last couple days I've been exploring HubPages and, in spite of all the potential repercussions of Panda and all that, I've decided to make my start here. I've written many blogs at Motley Fool over the last few years, and drew a small crowd of followers.

I'm actually not too worried about the search engines not being nice to me. Many of the 40 blogs I've written at Motley Fool show up well when I do a search for them. I thought about using a different username, but then I reflected on all I've read in the last two days and thought, you know, those search engines are kinda nice to truthisntstupid. It may be unwise to give that up.

Well, I love the Motley Fool, but I'm never going to make any money blogging there. It's too bad, too; because I've built up a small crowd of followers there. I wish I'd found HubPages a long time ago.

I'm a lifelong bookworm and for many, many years I've been addicted to reading about investing, and I'll be writing a lot about that, as I did at the Fool.

In addition to the possibility of making some money, another great thing about HubPages is that I can write about subjects besides investing if I want to.

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