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Truth Please profile image

Truth Please

Joined 6 years ago from Inside Your Head




Cognative Dissonance:

"a discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously."

You might read some of these articles and think that I have too much time on my hands. That's dismissive. You'll never learn anything that way.

Instead, I challenge you to do your own research. I'm not an expert on all of the issues that I will be writing about. I do, however, do my own research. Can you say the same?

Don't just say, "I'm not political" or "This doesn't affect me." Educate yourself today. This stuff affects everyone!

If you're enlightened... if you're awake, reach out and inform others who are still in the dark. Change starts with you.

Some must see documentaries:

Terror Storm - This film uncovers "black flag" operations or government sponsored terror with many examples.

Loose Change - This documentary asks the tough questions about the attacks of 9/11; questions that the official 9/11 Commission Report did not cover.

The Obama Deception - Has Obama done what he said he would do? Did he deliver that "change" that he promised? This film not just about Obama, but the whole proxy government in general.

Fall of the Republic - Exposes how the powers that be are erroding our Constitution and Bill of Rights in favor of world governance.

Money Masters - Find out what's wrong with the economy right now. An older film, but still very good. It explains how the bankers have gotten control of our country, and how they systematically cause depressions.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - Find out why more than 1,500 (and growing) architects, engineers, physicists, metallurgists, etc... question the official story of 9/11.

9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out - See what some celebrities say about the September 11th attacks, and what they have endured for speaking out.

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined - A film about the globalist secret societies that are actually pulling all the strings from behind the scenes.

Note: A few of the documentaries above are produced by Alex Jones. Some question his sincerity, however, these documentaries are still of great value to the truth community.

Must see testamonial:

Susan Lindauer - Former CIA asset, Susan was arrested and imprisoned by the provisions of the Patriot Act for telling the truth about what really happened before and after the attacks of 9/11.

All Christians should see these:

A Lamp in the Dark - The story of how we got the Bible, and of the people who gave their lives in order for us to have it in our native languages. Learn about the war waged against Christians by the Roman Catholic church and the Jesuit Order over this sacred book. Discover why the Reformers recognized the Catholic church as the anti-Christ.

Aquarius: The Age of Evil - This film exposes New Age spiritualism, the lies it intends to perpetrate against Christianity, and its origins as the mystery religions of Babylon. This film refutes the errant religious sections of the popular Zeitgeist film as well.

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