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I am not a professional writer but rather someone who is impassioned by those in the metaphysical new age community who frequently are liars and hypocrites in that they don't really live the teachings they advocate. I believe this is true injustice and these people should be held accountable.

I grew up in Central Florida in the sixties and seventies in the small town of Fort Meade as an only child by two very dangerous and abusive parents. I was an only child. My mother committed suicide when I was 25 by hanging herself from an orange tree in my family's back yard. The hanging in this specific navel orange tree was symbolic and although my mother did not mention me in the suicide note pinned on her blouse, the real message screamed at me. The navel orange tree was my favorite fruit tree and had been for years and my mother knew it. She chose that tree to send me a message, the message was ofcourse "what a bad and unloving son I had been all these years and how that led her to hang herself to death."

In spite of the childhood abuse I suffered, I was still a pretty normal child and teenager and did not experiece any forms of depression or sadness or suicidal feelings the first 24 years of my life. All that would change at age 24 and all the years beyond. What saved me from depression or mental emotional problems the first 24 years was having good friends and feeling loved and valued by the people in my small community of Fort Meade. I also had strong ties to the First Baptist Church in which I was actively involved. I was not religious or felt I had any kind of relationship with "Jesus or God." Church for me was a social endeavor in which I could escape my loneliness and feel connected to others. All that would change at a later date.

"to be continued later" not completed yet

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