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unbroker profile image

Thomas C. Demsker (unbroker)

Joined 4 years ago from New York City




Also follow me on:

Soo-Yeum Lim - 305 West 98th Street, 3AN

You made it very simple and smooth for us from the getgo. Even though we are halfway across the world, you helped make the process not just painless but actually enjoyable.

I am glad that we put ourselves in your very good and capable hands. Thank you again!!

Sujay Banerjee – Seller - 200 East 32nd Street 24C

As a seller of this unit, I had a great experience with Tom !! He was professional, direct, set reasonable expectations, and always kept me updated throughout the selling process. He had this unique ability to proactively get documentation from management even before a deal was in place. Not too many brokers would go this route :) All in all a phenomenal experience. He's highly recommended !!

Arif - 261 West 28th Street #4A

Navigating Manhattan real estate can be an overwhelming process. However, Tom Demsker brings a level of integrity and experience that I rarely see in other brokers. You can always expect honesty and sound advice from Tom regardless of the situation. The caliber of service Demsker Realty provides is unlike any of the other larger brokers in Manhattan. There is a big misconception out there that the larger brokers with extensive marketing machines will provide a better level of service which can’t be further from the truth. Demsker Realty is head and shoulders above any other broker in the city.

European Couple - Luxury Condo Buyer

We can’t say enough about Tom. Living overseas, we are hardly the typical clients, yet throughout the process we never felt disconnected. Tom took our needs into account at every step – from arranging showings of potential residences to shepherding us through a rather tortured purchase process. We always felt supported by Tom – he truly represented our interests and never pushed something we didn’t want. More than that, he worked tirelessly through a complicated and sometimes difficult renovation of our property. Without Tom’s honesty, responsiveness, persistence and good judgment, we never could have succeeded.”

Humam S. 117 West 17th St - The Brooks Van Horn Lofts

If the recent changes in housing market taught us one thing, there is always a flight to quality… Not just the quality of your home, but also the quality of your agent. Tom is meticulous, hard working, strategic, and honest. He executed flawlessly for us, and was on our side every step of the way.”

Viviane & Brian T. 305 West 98th St.

We chose Thomas Demsker to handle the sale of our apartment after meeting with several other brokers. Immediately it was clear that Thomas was the only and best choice - he is straightforward, honest and gave us great advice. Thomas is incredibly responsive and experienced, and made us feel as if our apartment was his only priority. He always replied to our admittedly numerous questions immediately. And, most importantly, he delivers - he got us a wonderful result and navigated a complicated closing process for us, taking all the stress and frustration off of our hands. We will recommend Thomas to anyone and every one who is looking for a broker.

Stephen Brooks - seller 430 West 34th St

For personal service, attention to detail, warmth and caring, Tom Demsker can't be beat. Add to that his keen knowledge of the real estate market place, excellent advice and boundless energy, and he is an ideal broker. I feel very fortunate that I was represented by him instead of one of the giant agencies. After listing we received two offers in about 30 days and closed 60 days after going to contract. Sweet."

Dhruva G - 251 7th StreetSt

Tom has been the best realtor I could imagine working with. He really tried to understand my needs, worked with me to find exactly what I was looking for and gave honest and informed feedback when I asked for it. He will be my go-to for all sales and buying needs going forward. I wouldn't even consider working with anyone else.

James C. Shaffer - Korn, 448 West 37th St

Mr. Demsker made it so easy for me as a client, I didn't have to worry about anything. He was very trust worthy of handling all aspects of my transition. I am looking forward to having him find me a new apartment in the near future.

Jonathan C - 234 West 20th St

Demsker Realty throughout a tricky transaction consistently provided sound, stable advice that facilitated a strong, profitable transaction once the deal was completed. I am not sure, the deal would have gotten done if I was represented by any other broker.

Jim Lampley – HBO Sports

“I have never before worked with such a responsive, communicative, committed un-broker. At this rate you will reinvent the image of your business. Look out.”

Sali Taylor - 448 West 37th, The Glass Farmhouse

"Thomas is a wonderkin, clever, creative, honest and a super positive, go getter. You can absolutely trust him to take the best care of you. He will go many extra miles to move your space. He's a hip and savvy marketer. If your apartment situation is unique as ours was, he will know how best to position it and where to advertise to find the right person for it."

Fred Berger – seller 300 East 55th –The Milan

“I had interviewed three other brokers prior to our agreement. Fortunately my instincts lead me to go with you. Your professionalism and knowledge of the industry allowed you to maximize the selling price. You were relentless in achieving my goals. The hard work and class which were displayed were impeccable. I recommend your service highly to any seller.”

Jonathan Moss Tucker - 184 Thompson

with an intimate knowledge of new york city real estate, a keen eye for value, and a low-pressure demeanor, you might mistake his diligence for that of a respectable doctor. this isn't a back-up job, or a fall-back plan: demsker loves real estate. oh, and, he makes other agents look like card sharks and car salesmen.

Ben Herman, 61 Jane

I was an out of state pied-a-terre buyer and Tom helped me find my perfect location with a great view in the West Village. He led me through the complicated co-op application process and was always professional, polite and helpful. I strongly recommend Tom Demsker for your property search in Manhattan.

Lara Pitaro –718 Broadway

Major League Baseball "Tom is one of those rare combinations (particularly in the NYC real estate market) of integrity, untiring energy, and impeccable market-knowledge. We never once felt pressured, and always knew that Tom would have the answers for us at any given moment. He made what could have been an incredibly stressful experience (purchasing our first home), a pleasure."

Rainer Ganahl – Renowned Artist- 1255 5th Avenue

“Thomas Demsker had been not only lots of fun to work with but he sold my place within a week. I couldn’t believe it. He was very efficient and wonderful to work with and also non stop communicado. I was wondering when that poor guy is sleeping or resting.”

John Ray – Google

“Tom Demsker was a professional in every respect of the word for the 8 Months that we worked together. He was persistent in showing me what I wanted in my price range, but never inflicted his opinions on me in a forceful manner. Working with Tom was a breath of fresh air after dealing with many previous brokers. He is fair, patient and honest with his clients. I would highly recommend him to any buyer or seller whether they are looking for a studio apartment or a spacious Tribeca loft.”

Michael Greenfield - Attorney

Thomas was great in helping us find our first apartment. He has a broad knowledge of the New York real estate market and was able to narrow down the number of possible apartments to a manageable amount. Thomas is dependable and I am sure he will be a great help to anyone searching for a new apartment.

Brooke Primont - 79 West 12th

Tom was such a pleasure to work with. So professional, easy and reliable. I never would have gotten as much for my apartment if he hadn't been selling it. That I am sure of.

Martha F., Deustche Bank.

I was pleasantly surprised after numerous bad broker experiences. Right off the bat he listened, put my apprehension at ease and found my dream apartment. He displayed characteristics that weren't present with other brokers and was tireless. Based on my first experience I used Tom again. In this tough market I needed real help and he found my "needle in a haystack". Tom was able to find me a brownstone 2br, with outdoor space under 900k and navigate the bidding war to get me my new apartment. I wouldn't think of using anyone broker for life!!!

Terry Quinn, 252 7th Ave - The Chelsea Mercantile

My experience with Tom in both the selling and marketing of my condo and finding another was 100% professional and without surprises. I was hoping to work with a individual that would do what he said and Tom did just that.

Larry Krobath, 77 West 55th St.

I found Mr. Demsker was able to provide a complete array of skills and services. These skills helped me in getting my unit ready for sale, marketing it to a wide audience, working with the many private showings and handling the offers from prospective buyers. I will certainly use his services again when I am in the Manhattan market

Peter Mathias, 9 Barrow

Tom provided balanced insight into each specific property and was well versed on the overall market conditions affecting my buy.

Chris G, 200 East 24th St.

Working with Tom was like working with an old friend, as there was no pressure to buy it was just an agreement to find a place that was right for us. Any advice given by Tom was built on facts not on hearsay or current fads. Everything was done at our pace. When we were ready to put our place on the market Tom was there with the current trends that helped us price and market it accordingly. One open house later we had multiple bids and Tom did his homework and helped us pick the best buyer while maximizing profits

Scott Sussman, 447 West 45th St.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Thomas. He knew what I wanted and did not waste my time showing my apartments that did not fit my criteria. In the end he found me a great apartment that I am very happy in.

Philip Christopher – 300 East 55th Street

I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends. You did a great job! You exhibited dedication and professionalism which are the ingredients to success

Brian Stetter – 67 East 11th

Tom takes committment to his clients to the next level. He did such a great job helping me find and buy an apartment, that I didn't even hesitate to call him again when I sold it several years later. Throughout both the purchase and sale, he went above and beyond at every opportunity, not only making the process easy for me, but getting me maximum value along the way. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in NYC.

Hana L. – 402 4th Ave

Tom Demsker did an excellent job on the sale of my apartment in Brooklyn. He provided timely and helpful advice regarding the sale price as well as generating interest at a time when sales were just starting to falter. I was delighted with the outcome of our sale and the effective communication Tom Demsker maintained... with all parties involved to move the sale through as efficiently as possible to the benefit of all.

Education: B.S. Marketing, Virginia Tech 1993, Broker since 2001

A virtual rolodex of property information, Tom honed his skills first in rentals and then moved on to sales. This background has helped to give him the most comprehensive property knowledge and understanding. Having sold and rented spaces all over the city, Tom brings expertise where ever you’d like to live. He has developed the un-broker client model and developed a website, to help sellers and buyers alike to ensure a win-win situation. Tom has served as a Project Manager and Programmer to two of the top Market Research firms in the country working on such important studies as the Metro Card roll-out and feasibility project. He has a fond interest in fitness and obtained the certifications of Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Condition Association and Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council of Exercise.

Previous Employment - Prudential Douglas Elliman & William B May

Ten Guarantees of the "Un-Broker"

1. Treat people as you want to be treated.

2. Create a personable and friendly environment.

3. Listen, and get people what they need to ensure their success.

4. Provide current and consistent informational flow.

5. Be intelligent. Produce creative solutions to provide appropriate results.

6. Create low pressure atmosphere

7. The Customer's needs always come first.

8. Provide Professional service and Common Sense.

9. Utilize Technology to create customer involvement and efficiency.

10. Provide Tireless effort to accomplish your goals

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