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I am a long-time resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa having been transplanted here as a child from Birmingham, England via Toronto, Canada. I follow world-wide current events and enjoy history. After (many) years spent as a software engineer, I decided to pull the trigger and retire. I hope to significantly increase my Hubbing activity but my wife is making a list...

My favorite period in history is the first half of the Twentieth Century, especially World War I, since it seems to have been nearly forgotten in the US. I'm also interested in current events, especially under-reported events. But I'll write about any thing and any time.

I have been fortunate enough to have nine of my hubs selected as Hub of the Day:

World War 2 History: Doctors Create Fake Epidemic Saves Thousands

About World War 2: Night Witches-- All-Female Night Bomber Regiment

World War 1 History: Japanese Navy in the Mediterranean

Operation Northwoods: US False Flag Attacks to Invade Cuba in 1962

World War 1 History: First Tank Versus Tank Battle

About World War 1: Brief Overview of the Italian Front

World War 2 History: John Capes' Amazing Submarine Escape

World War 2 History: Leo Major, the One-Eyed One-Man Army

About World War 1: German Bullets vs Allied Tanks

But the hub that touches my heart the most is:

Able Seaman Simon the Cat Wins the “Animal VC” after the Yangtze Incident

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