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'Welcome to vasantha's Hub Page,

Vasantha means spring season. I describe myself a calm and simple person. Reading and writing are my interests since my childhood days. I write poetry in my leisure time. Drawing, sketching and illustrating are my other hobbies. Sharing knowledge and reading hubs of other hubbers are my pastime. Nature, I admire and music I listen .

Thanks for taking time to read . I welcome your suggestions and comments on my hubs.

"With Best wishes"

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  • The Flights Of Fantasy -A Poem

    The Flights Of Fantasy -A Poem

    11 months ago

    A dream to fly in the sky high above the earth . A dream to fly over beautiful landscapes of the Earth. A dream to be carried away fluttering high fluttering high in the sky

  • My First 12 Featured Hubs

    My First 12 Featured Hubs

    22 months ago

    Hubpages has been the most friendly, user online space for sharing knowledge, advice, expressing views , tips etc for people interested in writing and reading. Hubpages is also a revenue sharing site

  • St Mary's Island: The Enchanting Sights Of Splendor

    St Mary's Island: The Enchanting Sights Of Splendor

    18 months ago

    St. Mary’s Islands are the rarest geological monuments in Karnataka State in India. The islands provide a beautiful panoramic view of palm trees and amazing basalt polygonal rock formations.

  • Nature - The Enchanting Beauty

    Nature - The Enchanting Beauty

    17 months ago

    Gifts of Nature We have a beautiful and enchanting world. Nature is a beauty of hidden paradise and has provided us with wonderful gifts. It is filled with adventurous spots , scenic landscapes, mystic caves , colorful...

  • How Does Success Come ?

    How Does Success Come ?

    2 years ago

    Success, the term is the most aspired by every one. Everyone dreams of leading a comfortable and happy life. Success doesn't happen overnight. It has to be achieved with lot of commitment towards one's duty.