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My passion is performance management. I’ve been managing performance projects for the past 10 years. Both short term and long term projects of one year or longer. The greatest satisfaction for me is the gratitude I receive when organizations realize significant performance gains and cost savings. It has become my goal to share this experience with any organization looking to perform at a higher level. To make this happen for myself and other businesses, I knew processes and best practices had to be documented, an effective and easy to follow framework needed to be created, and extensive research on the major and minor hurdles that cripple performance initiatives needed to be documented. Most important, I needed to address the questions that I’m asked everyday by people like yourself...the owners...the business managers...the consultants, such as: - How do I align performance to organizational objectives? - How do I know I'm measuring the right things? - What's the difference between a scorecard and a dashboard? - How do I choose the right business intelligence tools? If you have engaged in a performance initiative you probably have come across one of these common obstacles that significantly diminished your performance capabilities: - Lack of effective framework - Failure to identify and/or adopt best practices - Ineffective metrics/measurements - Lack of buy-in from stakeholders - Poor planning/follow up - Insufficient use of business intelligence tools It Took Me Eight Years to Develop a System That Tackles All These Obstacles and Drives Performance Success. I came to the realization that practically ALL businesses needed a turn-key, simple, and effective system to walk them through the entire process and eliminate these performance obstacles once and for all. Simply buying tools and outsourcing services were not giving executive management the insight they needed to drive decision-making. The result of my research are products that address all of these issues. I’ve worked for top international consulting firms and I’ve been the performance management subject matter expert in these organizations. The questions that my colleagues and clients always seem to ask me are: “how do I align performance with organizational goals and objectives?” “how do I choose the right business intelligence tools” “What’s the difference between a KPI and a metric?" "How do I develop a dashboard and/or scorecard?” “What do I do AFTER results have been achieved and momentum begins to shift?” After many interviews and extensive research, I identified 35 best practices that drive your organization’s performance. I developed a feasibility analysis system that determines which of these best practices have the greatest impact on your unique organizational goals. I developed a custom performance roadmap which highlights your critical path to success. I developed an on-line tool to gather information regarding your organizational processes and assess your organizational strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for cost savings. And I developed all of the tools, templates, plans, and training necessary to ensure that your performance initiative goes smoothly…FROM START TO FINISH. Watch your business soar beyond its greatest goals once these simple best practices are applied and the obstacles are removed. These are the secrets that make top performing organizations successful. If they work for successful organizations, they will work for yours!

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