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VictoriaNeely1 profile image


Joined 3 years ago




I read, write, bake, and make Squidoo lenses. I also make designs for T-shirts and gift items available at my Zazzle stores, Rubber Duck Designs and Designs By Victoria.

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  • Kit Cat Clocks

    Kit Cat Clocks

    3 years ago

    The Kit Cat Clock is the ultimate kitsch for any kitchen! This retro clock has been mesmerizing us with its moving eyes and wagging tail for going on 80 years. The Kit Cat Clock started lifting people's spirits during...

  • Shaun the Sheep

    Shaun the Sheep

    10 months ago

    His name is Shaun. He lives on a farm. Oh, and he's a sheep. But Shaun is no ordinary sheep! He can dance, paint, and play a guitar. He's full of wild ideas and clever plans to help get his flock in and out of trouble....

  • Critter Nation: One of the Best Rat Cages Ever

    Critter Nation: One of the Best Rat Cages Ever

    3 years ago

    Before I adopted my first rats, I spent several weeks shopping online for the best rat cages. After a while I had my choices narrowed down to a Martin cage and a Critter Nation. Although Martin's cages are much loved...

  • Ursula the Sea Witch

    Ursula the Sea Witch

    3 years ago

    Ursula is the villainess in The Little Mermaid. She is a cecaelia, or part woman and part octopus. However, she's more commonly known as the sea witch, and she has a reputation for being nasty. King Triton banished...

  • Dealing with a Broken Sewer Line

    Dealing with a Broken Sewer Line

    19 months ago

    Sewer lines are one of those things we don't think about until something goes wrong. You start noticing the problem when you hear gurgling noises from the toilet, or when water drains more slowly than usual, or when a...

  • Commonly Overused Words and Phrases

    Commonly Overused Words and Phrases

    3 years ago

    Do cliches and worn-out old phrases make you want to hiss? When someone says "Think outside the box," do you feel like stuffing them inside a box? Are you going to scream if you hear some kid say "like, you know" one...

  • What's the Difference Between Rare, Medium, and Well-Done Steak?

    What's the Difference Between Rare, Medium, and Well-Done Steak?

    10 months ago

    Not sure how you like your steak cooked? Here's a guide to the levels of doneness to help you decide what best suits your tastes.

  • Commonly Misused Words in the English Language

    Commonly Misused Words in the English Language

    9 years ago

    Has anybody ever snapped at you for misusing a word? It's not nice to nitpick, but the truth is, you'll sound awfully funny if you use the wrong word. (I always want to giggle when I see "bare with me...") If you're...

  • Conversational Writing vs. Formal Writing

    Conversational Writing vs. Formal Writing

    6 years ago

    Did you know that most people read at an 8th grade level? That means if you want to keep most people's attention, you can't write as if you're trying to impress college professors. On the web, it's even more important...

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Best Detective Ever

    Sherlock Holmes: The Best Detective Ever

    16 months ago

    Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest fictional detectives ever created, and arguably the most famous. He isn't just a detective; he's also a chemist, a violinist, and a master swordsman. He's famous for his keen...