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I was always an emphatic child, and couldn't stand to see someone in turmoil without trying in some way.

My father died when I was eight and after a few more traumatic life changing events I was taken from my mother and placed in care.

After that, for many, years I had no one who I could talk to or ask for advice from.

Feeling so afraid, alone and unwanted during that time is what made me want to be there for others in similar situations, that was when my book of MuseMoments was born, I filled it with the sketches & poetry I'd begun as a way to cope and eventually realised it had turned into my guide for how to live happily... So bit by bit I will share it's contents in the hope that someone, somewhere will feel less alone and a little stronger by reading the wisdom I gained through years of heartache - As no one should grow up alone, and with this I hope I reach those who are hurting in silence unable or afraid to speak x,

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    Moments of musing the ups & downs, fun and strife of life-written originally & creatively, creating 'Advice for life' Up lifting advice presented aspoetry, quotes & anecdotes from a home grown wisdom.