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Working health care professional and family man based in Bangalore, India. Love to write about health, share information about preventing health problems and getting on the road and running once in a while. The best time of all is the time with my son!

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  • Are You Hot For Chillies?

    Are You Hot For Chillies?

    7 weeks ago

    Okay, so you are out eating a curry and accidentally munch on a chilly. Little do you know it's rich history, and whether you have had any benefit of suffering through it's heat. Here is a quick look!

  • 5 Signs Your Prostate Might Be Enlarged

    5 Signs Your Prostate Might Be Enlarged

    5 months ago

    The prostate gland is necessary in our younger years to have children. But for many men, it becomes a nuisance as age advances. Here are 5 signs of an enlarged prostate that could cause you bother.