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Hello friends, my full name is Vivian Lisett Gaytan and I am a twenty year-old Mexican American that lives in Houston, TX, one of the most diverse cities in the United States. I'm a collage drop-out, but I plan to go back. I'm vegan, I love children and rock music is my favorite genre. I'm an environmentalist, a loving sister and a visionary. I'm here to express myself and see different opinions. I hope you enjoy and learn from what you read in my articles. If you have any comments, don't hesitate to contatct me.

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  • Behind Closed Doors: The Animal Industry

    Behind Closed Doors: The Animal Industry

    7 months ago

    Other than meat, the industry has been feeding the human population lies. "You need meat; it's good for you." In reality, there would be nothing better than cutting meat out of your diet forever.

  • The Rising Waters

    The Rising Waters

    8 months ago

    Mankind is astounding: creating, destroying, repeating. But now we see all around the globe: We're so powerful that we're destroying nature itself. We are destroying ourselves with our own waters.

  • The Poisoned Waters

    The Poisoned Waters

    8 months ago

    The world's oceans aren't as fresh as one might think. Little by little, the human race is contaminating our waters at alarming rates, destroying ecosystems that have been here long before us.