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David Lim (wandererh)

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I'm an engineer by profession. But when I lost my job in 2003, I decided that it was time for a change and started learning about home based businesses and marketing on the Internet.

I am currently promoting ForexAsAnInvestment.com, a website about an investment offering high returns and low risk. I also have another website at QuittingYourJob.com that is about online home-based businesses.

I write about home based businesses, Internet marketing, investment and pretty much anything that strikes my fancy.

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      • A Naive Question About Democracy

        A Naive Question About Democracy

        5 years ago

        Let's say that there is a democratic country in crisis.  In an upcoming election, there are 2 candidates.  The first candidate proposes severe spending cuts and tax increases, which will resolve the...

      • Search Engine Traffic

        Search Engine Traffic

        8 years ago

        I have been with Hubpages for a few months and published a couple of hubs.  I am starting to get a tiny bit of search engine traffic and I am wondering if there is any way I can know where the traffic went and what...

      • Unable to Comment

        Unable to Comment

        9 years ago

        I was trying to comment on a hub but it won't accept my comment.  I refreshed the hub but my comment did not show up.  I went to Hubtivity and there is no record that I placed the comment.  One thing I...

      • Downloading of Hubs

        Downloading of Hubs

        8 years ago

        While I have not published many hubs, the interface HubPages provides is easy to use, so I expect to be publishing many more hubs in the future.  I find that in many cases I prepare hubs on HubPages itself, rather...

      • Hub Groups

        Hub Groups

        9 years ago

        I am a new hubber.  Although I have just published 2 hubs, I can see a day when I will have hundreds, or even thousands.    I need to find a way to categorize them!So, I tried the group feature.  I...