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I am a prolific online freelance writer. I have four years of experience behind me and have excelled in the fields of freelance writing, content creation, editing and managing on various websites all over the Internet. I have been published in magazines and in online resources. I have been credited with the creation of both factual and creative content for several years in countless different subjects and topics.

You can find my online work on websites such as Helium.com, DooYoo.co.uk and I have even dabbled with Demand Studios and have experiences, both good and bad, with various other websites on the Internet.

I have been a member on Hubpages for several years and am now looking for ways to maximize my online traffic, make money and get my name out there even more as a writer. Of course, my years of experience are also willing to help other writers that may come across my profile.

I am always looking to partner, affiliate and exchange promotion with other writers and I am always looking for new writing jobs and opportunities. I write for a living, this is my career as well as my hobby so feel free to get in touch about anything in regards to writing.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions such as:

* How do I make money on the Internet?

* Is it possible to make a living from home?

* How can I learn SEO quickly?

* How can I get my freelance writing career off the ground?

* How can I quit my real job and live off my writing income?

* Will I have to pay tax or register as self employed as a writer?

* How can I get more traffic to my articles?

*Which websites actually pay you for content?

I hope you enjoy reading my Hubs. Feel free to follow and leave me fan mail if you so desire. I am regularly posting new content and will hopefully continue to do so well into the future.

I will also use my knowledge to the best of my abilities to answer any questions and queries you may have. Feel free to get in touch, my mail and comments here go straight to my personal e-mail so I will never miss a question.

As of 2011, my present accomplishments for the year include:

* Working from home full time as a self employed freelance writer

* Having my picture featured in a fashion calendar and magazine

* Selling several writing commissions and reviews for multiple independent publishers

My goals to conclude for the 2011 year include:

* Finishing my first novel

* Finishing a series of screenplays and scripts to submit to the BBC

Thank you for reading my profile and take care,

Wayne K. Wilkins

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