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  • Battering Ram

    Battering Ram

    3 years ago

    A battering ram was a military apparatus mounted on wheels and composed of a heavy, iron-bound beam, which was impelled with great force upon the walls of a besieged place.

  • History of the Automatic Weapon

    History of the Automatic Weapon

    8 years ago

    An automatic weapon is a gun, rifle, or pistol that fires continuously without any external aid such as hand cranking (or even electric power) for as long as the trigger is pressed. Early designs were hand cranked in one way or another, but they...

  • Swords and Daggers

    Swords and Daggers

    3 years ago

    Swords and daggers are edged weapons designed to be held in the hand and used by one man. The blade is almost always longer than the hilt. Generally the sword is longer than the dagger, but some shorter swords and longer daggers are almost equal in...

  • Guerrilla Warfare

    Guerrilla Warfare

    3 years ago

    The term 'guerrilla warfare' is one of several terms used to describe the efforts of small, unstructured bands engaged in irregular warfare against a stronger military opponent. Guerrilla forces often achieve success by combining surprise,...

  • Mortar


    3 years ago

    A mortar is a short-range, smoothbore, muzzle-loading weapon that fires a finned projectile on a high-angled trajectory. It was developed in World War I as a lightweight weapon that could be carried by infantrymen. It consists of a barrel, a baseplate, and a bipod stand. Because of its high...

  • Harpoon


    10 years ago

    The harpoon is a spearlike weapon attached to a long rope so that the whale can be pulled back to the ship. The barbed point of the weapon becomes embedded in the whale's flesh and thus prevents the animal from escaping.

  • Artillery


    10 years ago

    Artillery (Old French artillerie; Italian artiglieria; Spanish artilleria). Its former meaning comprised all implements of war, and it was generally used in the plural. Then the word was used particularly to denote engines for discharging missiles,...

  • Torpedo


    3 years ago

    Torpedo, a self-propelled, cigar-shaped, underwater missile. Torpedoes can be launched from ships, submarines, airplanes, or they can form part of a guided-missile system. They carry either conventional or nuclear explosives and can detonate either...

  • Cartridge


    3 years ago

    The cartridge is a cylindrical case of metal, paper, or other material, containing the charge and usually the projectile for a firearm. The cartridge was introduced in the late 16th century. Before its appearance, gunpowder and bullets were carried...

  • What is Ballistics?

    What is Ballistics?

    3 years ago

    Ballistics, study of the motion of projectiles. It consists of two main branches, interior ballistics and exterior ballistics. Interior ballistics deals with the motion of the projectile inside the bore of the gun, and is concerned with providing a theoretical basis for the methods and rates of...

  • Crossbow


    3 years ago

    A crossbow is a short stiff bow mounted across a stock. The weapon had a groove to guide the missile. The bolts were discharged by squeezing a trigger mechanism. There are many and varied designs of bow, latch and trigger mechanisms. To set the crossbow, the crossbowman rested a metal stirrup at...

  • Dagger


    9 years ago

    A dagger is a short-bladed weapon used for stabbing. It was worn attached to the sword-belt on the right side; the hilt and scabbard were often richly decorated. Other varieties were the baselard, poniard, dirk, and stiletto.

  • Grenade


    3 years ago

    A grenade is an explosive shell which was thrown by hand or with a shovel. Grenades were made of various materials - wood, glass, gun-metal, bronze, etc - and were in use in the 17th century. Modern greades are of spherical shape, and usually cased in cast iron. Grenadier was a originally a picked...

  • Naval Destroyers

    Naval Destroyers

    3 years ago

    A destroyer is a class of naval vessels that evolved from the torpedo boat. Present-day destroyers have proved to be the most versatile ships of the U.S. Navy. They are commonly named for outstanding deceased officers and men of the U.S. Navy and...

  • Gatling Gun

    Gatling Gun

    10 years ago

    The Gatling Gun designed for rapid firing, had six barrels, rotated and triggered by a crank at the rear.

  • Gas Mask

    Gas Mask

    3 years ago

    A gas mask is a device to protect the respiratory tract, eyes, and face from noxious aerosols or gases. It is also called a respirator, and, in military terminology, a protective mask. The mask may purify the air passed through it; supply pure air...

  • Catapult


    3 years ago

    The catapult was a military engine used in ancient times for throwing missles of stones, spears and arrows. They were constructed of wood, and by means of a freed spring ejected the massed missles with great force into the ranks of an enemy. The balista of the Middle Ages was an adaptation of this....

  • Carbine


    10 years ago

    The carbine is a firearm which is shorter, lighter, though less powerful than the rifle.

  • Blunderbuss


    3 years ago

    The blunderbuss could fire a number of lead balls with great effect at short range and was popular during the 18th century as a weapon for personal protection.

  • Lance


    3 years ago

    The lance is a weapon of uncertain but ancient origin. It consists of a long shaft with a sharp point and is distinguished from the spear in that it is normally carried by mounted soldiers and tends to be longer than the spear, javelin, or pike...

  • Ballista


    3 years ago

    The ballista is a large military engine, of crude contrivance but considerable effeciency, anciently used for hurling missiles in war by the Romans and their contemporaries.

  • Air Gun

    Air Gun

    10 years ago

    An Air Gun is a a small-caliber weapon, either a handgun or a shoulder weapon, from which pellets, bullets, or darts are propelled by the energy of compressed air. Some air guns are little more than toys; others have considerable penetrating power....

  • Bayonet


    9 years ago

    A weapon taking its name from Bayonne, where it was first made about 1660. It was originally fitted into the gun-barrel, but General Makay, in 1689, introduced the socket-bayonet, which allows the gun to be fired with the bayonet fixed.


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