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My name is Wendi...just in case my user name doesn't give that away!

I joined Hubpages, quite a while ago, just to work on my writing skills, and to see where it might lead me.

What I have found on Hubpages is something I've been unable to find anywhere else in my life. Something much more satisfying than I could have ever imagined.

You see, I'm a recovering alcoholic (with a side of anorexia) and no matter how many meetings, phone calls to my sponsor, or rants that I share with my mother, nothing gives me as much relief as simply writing my thoughts and feelings.

Hubpages allows me to do this in a way that I can share my experiences, strengths, and hopes...while at the same time, help others who may be trying to find their way out of the darkness of addiction.

Today, my life is good! I have many years of sobriety built up, a wonderful husband, an extremly fulfilling job, a beautiful home (one like I never could have imagined,) a healthy family, and three BEAUTIFUL granddaughters.

I still have my share of bad days, and problems (just like everyone else.) But today I can deal with them in a much more constructive way. I've found that, along with writing some pretty serious and heartfelt hubs, I can also take an upsetting situation and turn it into something humorous for others to read.

My hope is that many more people find their way to Hubpages, not only to write, but to find the kind of serenity that I have found in using my words as therapy!

I can also be found at the following...

Twitter: Misst63
Youtube: Misst63
Yahoo: Cozy_in_ak

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