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I’m not a professional profiler, like in the show Criminal Minds, so I’m not sure how to profile myself. I guess I could tell you my name. My name’s Adam, but I look like an Andrew. If you know an Andrew, picture him in your mind and that’s what I look like. So now that I’ve formally introduced myself to you, here are some fun facts about myself.

I’m deathly allergic to rat poison.

I don’t wear clothes when I write. It’s my process.

I like monkeys and believe they should have the right to vote.

I don’t like cell phones or talking to people I can’t see.

I don’t like green eggs and ham, or Communism.

I sneeze with my eyes open.

I’m afraid of werewolves, but I’ve never met one.

I have all of my teeth, and a few teeth I found in the backyard.

I don’t like rats chewing on my face while I sleep.

I have a drink now and then. I’m drinking now, and I’ll be drinking whenever ‘then’ is, too.

I’m not a big fan of plane crashes.

I love spaghetti. That is to say, I enjoy eating it.

I love people. I would not enjoy eating one. I don’t approve of cannibalism.

Thanks for visiting. Oh, while you’re here. I’m trying to sell some of my organs, so if you’re in the market, please read my advertisement, Used Organs For Sell.

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    • Is it okay to dye my hair blonde?

      Is it okay to dye my hair blonde?

      4 years ago

      Okay, so I always wanted blonde hair. But I have black eyebrows, so people say I can't dye it or the colors will clash or something. He-Man had blonde hair and black eyebrows. He looked alright.

    • What's your favorite Johnny Depp character?

      What's your favorite Johnny Depp character?

      4 years ago

      Is there any role that Depp can't play? Or that he hasn't played... But what's your favorite? And do you think he'd make a good Riddler in the next Batman movie?

    • Have you ever quit your job to pursue a dream?

      Have you ever quit your job to pursue a dream?

      4 years ago

      Assuming your job isn't already your dream job, have you ever quit in order to concentrate on pursuing your dream? I let my job come first when it came to college, mostly because I needed money to pay rent, and after...

    • Am I going blind?

      Am I going blind?

      4 years ago

      What are these little, white dots that dance in my vision? They're like small fireflies. I paw at the air like a cat, but I can't touch them. And it doesn't happen constantly, just at odd times in the day. Like if I...

    • It's my first time... for jury duty.

      It's my first time... for jury duty.

      4 years ago

      So I was informed that I have to show up and perform my duties as a citizen and partake in jury duty. Half of me wants to back out, but I still want to see how it's like. Has anyone ever been on a jury before, and do...