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Google+ My name is Brian Palmer and I'm a huge wine enthusiast! I'm a long time wine collector and drinker and have collected over 2,000 bottles of wine (and still going).

I have written a few short blurbs for 'The Wine Spectator' in my days and enjoy writing, reading and learning more about my passion - that is Wine... Storing wine, collecting wine, and of course tasting wine!

My hard earned wine collection is very important to me so I've spent years researching the best methods and equipment to safely store all of my valuable (and tasty) wine collections. I've created a database of sorts here on Squidoo to help others with storing, preserving and keeping their wine collection perfectly getting better with age.

I hope to have helped you and please send me any feedback whatsoever, I'm always happy to help or answer a question about wine, vineyards, grape types etc. I can also help on questions about wine coolers, wine fridges and wine caves that I've have come to know detailed knowledge about.

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  • Classic Bistro Italian Wine Glasses

    Classic Bistro Italian Wine Glasses

    4 years ago

    Whenever my wife and I are in Las Vegas, we always have to stop by our favorite Italian restaurant Casa Di Amore, they have the most quaint Italian wine glasses serving house wine. The first time we went to this place...