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Well, I'm just the curious type. I read constantly and love learning about new things. I also love researching and writing which is good since that's what I do for a living.

I'm also an artist, a metalsmith and an abstract painter, all of which allows me to constantly feel challenged and I enjoy raising the bar on myself, pushing my own limits. I also very much enjoy sharing the results of both my research and artistic discoveries.

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      • What's Wrong With Adsense Now On Hubpages?

        What's Wrong With Adsense Now On Hubpages?

        6 years ago

        This is disconcerting: I've diligently tracked all Adsense revenues from my hubs for a year averaging roughly > forty five cents a click.In the past couple of months (since the new Hubpages ads option has become...

      • Dysfunctional RSS Capability

        Dysfunctional RSS Capability

        6 years ago

        Has anyone else had trouble with the RSS capability on their hubs? Even though I specify 6 articles to be shown in my RSS capsules, inevitably only two of my other articles show up........yes, I have RSS capsules on all...

      • Hubs suddenly threatened

        Hubs suddenly threatened

        6 years ago

        I haven't been working my account much lately but just went in to find several of my hubs "threatened for linking to improper (or whatever) sites.I know that there have been many changes and I'm assuming I can no...

      • Can't upload profile photo

        Can't upload profile photo

        7 years ago

        If anyone can help me figure out how to upload my photo for my profile I'd appreciate it.I've gone into my profile to upload the new photo, click under my current photo which takes me to a page telling me to upload my...

      • How To Install and submit RSS Feeds on Hubs

        How To Install and submit RSS Feeds on Hubs

        7 years ago

        I'm obviously new here and searching for detailed information on how to use RSS feeds on my hubs. I've searched and can find a lot on parts of using them but nothing yet that takes it all fully in explanation.Can anyone...

      • Adsense Program Policy violation?

        Adsense Program Policy violation?

        7 years ago

        One of my hubs was just flagged at being at risk for a Google Adsense program policy violation. I have no idea why except that I posted that hub url on She Told Me and Xomba. If anyone has any idea about the possible...