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Joined 8 years ago from Abertawe, Cymru




Also follow me on:

I have a PhD in biomedical science and have worked as a scientific researcher, faculty librarian, scientific information specialist. In the course of my career I wrote numerous reports and collaborated with scientists from academia, government and industry in UK, Europe and US. Since 2004, I am a successful freelance medical translator. Hobbies: music, Egyptology. For more info see my site at; you can click the grey head next to the g+ icon in the right-hand margin to get there.

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    • Just been recorded for Radio Wales

      Just been recorded for Radio Wales

      4 years ago

      I've just had some clips recorded of me talking for a programme that will go out on Radio Wales in a few days time. The amusing part of this is that the subject is weather. The person producing the show found my hub on British weather lore and was impressed enough to contact me and ask if I could...

    • Spam on my feed page

      Spam on my feed page

      4 years ago

      I would like to know how someone, who joined five hours ago, whom I do not "follow" and would never dream of doing so, has managed to spam my feed with notification of a hub he has produced? It is bad enough that HP insists on logging me out every couple of days, that I have to go through...

    • Adsense ennui

      Adsense ennui

      4 years ago

      Would it be possible to set up a mechanism whereby people trying to post these endless threads about failing to get an Adsense account are denied publication in the forum and are instead directed to the relevant learning centre entries? These turgid threads are swamping the forums and are...

    • Profiles loads slowly on slow ISP connection

      Profiles loads slowly on slow ISP connection

      5 years ago

      I have noticed for the last couple of months at least that it is almost impossible to get an author's profile loading fully. Most of the time, I cannot get the profile to load at all. Sometimes, I manage to see it partially. I'm wondering if it is the Pinterest style soup used to feature hubs in an...

    • RESOLVED: Unable to import and edit quote in Chrome

      RESOLVED: Unable to import and edit quote in Chrome

      5 years ago

      When I reply to a message and click on the "import and edit" link, nothing happens if I am viewing the forums in Chrome. The same problem does not occur with Firefox, which lets me import and edit without problems. I am using the same chronological forum view in both cases. I am currently...

    • Odd messages at the bottom of each forum post

      Odd messages at the bottom of each forum post

      5 years ago

      I'm seeing ALL the following messages at the bottom of each forum I open, even if the thread was only started today:The post you are replying to is over two months old. Please DO NOT reply UNLESS you have truly new information to add to this conversation. Consider creating a new forum discussion...

    • No way to report serious abuse to HP in an expedited manner

      No way to report serious abuse to HP in an expedited manner

      5 years ago

      In my experience, flagging content for the attention of HP staff may only result in the issue being dealt with after several days. Likewise, from what other people say, it appears that emails to HP staff (team@...  ) at times only receive an answer after a couple of days. I am concerned that...

    • The Filter Bubble - personalised censorship

      The Filter Bubble - personalised censorship

      5 years ago

      This is an excellent talk by Eli Pariser on how it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get an objective spread of varied viewpoints and information on the Web

    • Browser crashes when I attempt to view hub stats

      Browser crashes when I attempt to view hub stats

      5 years ago

      If I open an individual hub and then click on the stats button, my browser crashes instantly. I am using Firefox 15, which updated itself earlier today. I don't know if this is a long-standing problem ranging over several versions, because I have not tried looking at stats over the last several...

    • How to ask a question

      How to ask a question

      6 years ago

      Perhaps I am simply dumb, but I do not see an easy route to get to the point where I can ask a question. I did ask a question a few days ago. It took me over an hour to find where to input the question. Potentially, I have a few other questions to ask. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember what I...

    • What does this error message mean?

      What does this error message mean?

      6 years ago

      I am trying to add a new hub to a group. I can no longer see anywhere to save my allocation. When I give up and leave the page, I get an error message asking if I really want to leave the page. Then it tells me to save my groups, I need to "click the submit button under the drag canvas"I...

    • Can no longer open any HP page with Chrome

      Can no longer open any HP page with Chrome

      6 years ago

      If I try to access Hubpages with Chrome, every single page I try hangs. Sometimes it tells me that it is "loading", other times it does not even do that but Chrome says the page is unresponsive. I have disabled every extension on Chrome that I can see listed and that...

    • Using Amazon images

      Using Amazon images

      6 years ago

      I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me on copyright and attribution issues with respect to products sold on Amazon. If I write a hub that focuses specifically on one or more Amazon products, where do I stand with respect to using the full-size images corresponding to the products I select for the...

    • Views climbing, HP score decreasing

      Views climbing, HP score decreasing

      6 years ago

      Over the last couple of days, my hub views are increasing fairly dramatically. My HP Ad income is correspondingly higher.My personal hubber score is decreasing. Total and utter farce!

    • Comments on hubs glitch

      Comments on hubs glitch

      6 years ago

      I am unable to moderate comments on my hubs. When I try to approve them, nothing happens. This occurs regardless of whether I access the comments through the "Comments" menu item in "My account" or directly from the comments capsule in the hub itself.

    • Story competition - prize is publishing contract for full novel

      Story competition - prize is publishing contract for full novel

      6 years ago

      It has to be in the field of women's erotic writing, steamy but not over the top. Entries in the form of a 1000-word story. The publishing contract is for a 40,000 word novel, which does not have to be based on the story. Deadline is end of October. Further details:...

    • This is an ustoppable flood

      This is an ustoppable flood

      6 years ago

      I have come across a whole sheaf of "new hubbers", where the content of the hub includes:xtjzuxgytt fzbydcvrlb etqydletvx chxefbyurd jtbavnqygv cjskzxgigd aofjfwvzgj tluyfooojg fnuwpzhygb somosgtmpf zrxrsioxgk zwyjfyztas fmtzaeukoj rkunksntuk qcifguvjjx lniwablrvd eszsowpthm lgvrpnllzv...

    • Missing summary alert

      Missing summary alert

      6 years ago

      I've just noticed little As in my hub list, indicating which ones do not have summaries. That is REALLY useful!Thank you HP Team!

    • Bing and Yahoo: how to get placed

      Bing and Yahoo: how to get placed

      6 years ago

      The vast majority of my traffic comes from the various Googles, mainly .com. Next is Hubpages, at about 5-10% of the Google hits. I get practically nothing through Bing and Yahoo. Could this be due to different audiences using these search engines? Most of my hubs focus on information rather than...

    • Sad when older titles get neglected

      Sad when older titles get neglected

      6 years ago

      I compiled an annotated list of 100 books, fiction in various genres and non-fiction, that have stayed in my memory long after I read them. This was part of a scheme in which readers were paired and exchanged lists so as to get ideas for further reading. Unfortunately, my partner did not annotate...

    • Changing Google search defaults?

      Changing Google search defaults?

      7 years ago

      As part of my translation work, I frequently need to carry out searches on technical medical terms and/or foreign language terms. Google's assumptions are driving me insane, because I constantly have to keep re-inputting what I really want. For example, just now, I needed to search on...

    • Getting link to open in new window

      Getting link to open in new window

      7 years ago

      Before, when I placed a link within a text capsule, I had an option of specifying whether the link would open in the same window causing the reader to leave the hub, or in a new window. This possibility seems to have vanished. What is more, the default is for the link to open in the same window,...

    • Kudos to HP monitors

      Kudos to HP monitors

      7 years ago

      I had a hub flagged tonight on my other HP persona. I guessed the reason was too many Amazon capsules as such, because the 50 word/product ratio was OK. I'm not desperately bothered about that hub. I was experimenting to see if I could write hardline sales-type hubs and didn't want to do this on my...

    • Re-hopping same hubs

      Re-hopping same hubs

      7 years ago

      I hopped some hubs yesterday, praised some, flagged some and simply hopped some. Today, when I started hopping once again, I found I was getting a number of yesterday's hubs coming up again from all three categories. Is this a glitch?

    • My partner died today

      My partner died today

      8 years ago

      because he would not stop drinking. I mourned a long time ago for the death of the man I loved, cried out all my tears then. No tears left for today.

    • Responses to comments

      Responses to comments

      8 years ago

      I'm not sure if I'm being dumb or if things have changed while I was away. In "my account", there used to be a way of seeing various types of activity such as responses to forum posts and responses to comments made on hubs. I can't seem to find it anymore...

    • Over the moon :))

      Over the moon :))

      8 years ago

      I wrote a hub recently and thought it would get 0-2 views per day like all my other hubs. After a couple of days having to get on with other work, I came back and found it had a fair number of views. I looked at the stats and found I was getting traffic from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn although...

    • Not just hub love, but also hubber love

      Not just hub love, but also hubber love

      8 years ago

      The forums here get a bit hot at times. However, my personal experience of the forums is fantastic. I have found that if one speaks with sincerity, it is easy to make friends even with people who have drastically opposing views. I'm posting this thread to honour everyone who has decided to follow...

    • Assign hub to more than one group

      Assign hub to more than one group

      8 years ago

      I don't know if I am not seeing how to do this or if the feature is currently unavailable. When I create groups for my hubs, I would like to have the possibility of assigning a hub to more than one group.

    • My invisible follower

      My invisible follower

      8 years ago

      When I post to the forums, my profile pic often comes up with a number of followers that is greater by one than my actual number. We have ghosts here! Welcome ghostly follower, whoever you are.

    • Robots.txt file on my hub

      Robots.txt file on my hub

      8 years ago

      In my adsense report it says that one of my hubs is blocked because there is a Robots.txt file on it. The hub in question was written for a Hubmob topic. Its current score is 79. I obtained the information it contained from a number of sources and wrote it from scratch using my own words. It...

    • Frivolous question on forum emoticons

      Frivolous question on forum emoticons

      8 years ago

      Where do you all get all these diverse emoticons you use, and how do you incorporate them into a forum message? I'm stuck in dry as dust posting!

    • Need advice on first hub

      Need advice on first hub

      8 years ago

      I've just published my first hub: … of-BritainAny comments will be welcome, but I have one specific worry. I've just read that hubs are punished if they have more than 2 links to the same domain. However, I also know I have to acknowledge photos. I used...

    • Drafting a hub - dumb newbie questions

      Drafting a hub - dumb newbie questions

      8 years ago

      I've got an idea for my first hub and hope to start working on it in the next few days.If I were writing my hub as a straight article, I would probably end up with 7-8 sections and use subheadings for each one. Looking at the guide, I note a recommendation to use a number of smaller text capsules...