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  • What is Etymology?

    What is Etymology?

    10 years ago

    Etymology is the science and structure of words, including classification and derivation.

  • What is a Book?

    What is a Book?

    10 years ago

    Book (derivation uncertain, probably connected with Old English hoc, beech, possibly because beech wood may have been used for writing tablets), the physical carrier of a written work, the literary work itself, or a major division of that work. The...

  • What is a Numeral?

    What is a Numeral?

    10 years ago

    A numeral is a written symbol used to represent a number. The Arabic numerals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are now used almost universally. At other times different systems have been used. The simplest way of representing numbers is by using a...

  • What is an Adverb?

    What is an Adverb?

    10 years ago

    Adverb is the name in grammar for a word used chiefly to modify a verb. The word derives from the Latin ad-verbium, meaning "(added) to the verb," and early grammarians defined it as an indeclinable part of speech (that is, one having only a single...

  • What is a Noun?

    What is a Noun?

    10 years ago

    A noun is a term used by grammarians to designate a certain class of words, or part of speech, in a language. The term noun comes from the Latin nomen, name, the ancient Roman grammatical term, itself a translation from the terminology of the Greek...

  • What is a Colloquialism?

    What is a Colloquialism?

    10 years ago

    Colloquialisms are expressions appropriate to informal spoken language but ordinarily inappropriate to more formal (usually written) language. Colloquialisms (from Latin colloqui, to speak with, converse) abound in spoken or familiar English and do...

  • What is a Sentence?

    What is a Sentence?

    10 years ago

    A sentence, in traditional grammar, a set of words so related as to express a complete thought. A sentence may contain one or more clauses. A simple sentence consists of one independent (main) clause; a compound sentence of two or more independent...

  • What is an Abbreviation?

    What is an Abbreviation?

    10 years ago

    Abbreviations are shortened forms produced by using the initial letter, initial syllable, or a sign to represent a word or phrase, in order to save space and time. These methods were employed to a great extent in ancient inscriptions, Greek and Roman manuscripts, and documents.

  • What is Punctuation?

    What is Punctuation?

    10 years ago

    Punctuation is the division of written language into sentences and sentence parts by means of certain marks or signs. The main purpose of punctuation is to group words into meaningful patterns, so that the writer's intentions are clear. The reader...

  • The Alphabet

    The Alphabet

    11 years ago

    The alphabet is a fixed set of written symbols, called letters, which represent the sounds of a language. The word is derived from the names of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and beta. There are several different alphabets in...

  • What is a Clause?

    What is a Clause?

    10 years ago

    "Clause" is a term in grammar denoting a single construction containing a subject and a predicate. In this basic sense a clause is the same thing as a "simple sentence" and is subject to the same difficulty of precise definition. Some grammarians...


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