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Hi fellow Yorkie lovers, As you've probably gathered I love my Yorkie puppies soooo much. I love training and stimulating their minds and my Yorkies really are the love of my life. I love sharing with people the lessons I've learnt training my own Yorkie puppies. It really is worth taking the time to train them right and getting them into good habits from the get go. Your puppies want your attention and love to impress you, it actually helps them know exactly what is expected from them and your Yorkie puppies will be happier and healthier. To you and your Yorkies Happy lIfe toghether. Alex

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  • Yorkie Potty Training - Step By Step

    Yorkie Potty Training - Step By Step

    6 years ago

    Potty train your yorkie Step by Step. Yorkie potty training is one of the most common questions I get asked by owners. One of the most exciting times for any family is when you bring your Yorkie puppy home for the...