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I came to Squidoo in November, 2008. I started with jokes, funny stories and quizzes. Since then I have also gone on to helping others with psychology related lenses that deal with emotions, self destructive behaviour and ways to find happiness. You will also find that I have also written educational lenses on history, wildlife and travel. I'm an Old Geezer (60) and live in Halifax NS. God blessed (or cursed) me with an over-active imagination. I am retired and spend way too much time on the Internet - but there are worse addictions. Man, I have to sit down - this is getting far too complicated for me ! more ยป HubPages

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  • A Real Canadian, eh?

    A Real Canadian, eh?

    5 months ago

    Some people have trouble identifying Canadians from Americans so it is with that in mind, that I present this Identification Guide. After you have carefully studied this guide, identification will no longer be a problem...

  • Canada Quiz for Americans

    Canada Quiz for Americans

    6 months ago

    How well do our Southern Neighbours know us? Are they up for the challenge? Here's a fairly easy quiz of 20 questions - no, there are no trick questions among them. For the most part, I think Americans are an honest...