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Best Places To Install A Cat Scratching Post

Updated on March 14, 2010
Little felines in their natural environment. (c)
Little felines in their natural environment. (c)

Do you know why cats are so adorable? I'm sure every cat lover has his reasons for adoring his furry friend, but let me tell you my opinion: cats are so lovely not just because they are fluffy, cute and purring! Cats are wonderful because of their complex personality. Even if they like to share their home with us, so to speak (I'm sure cat owners know what I mean), they're still very independent, having lots of dignity and self-esteem. A cat is a magnificent creature, a fierce hunter and a loving friend, a jungle survivor and a spoiled little cutie - all in one! Learning to respect your cat, her needs and her character is one of the most rewarding experiences!

Scratching, stretching, climbing and playing - top favorite activities for any kitty! (c)
Scratching, stretching, climbing and playing - top favorite activities for any kitty! (c)

As any true feline, cats need to keep their claws in a good hunting shape. That's why they feel the urge to scratch things all the time. I'm sure that your sofa, chairs, curtains and carpets had been under furry siege for a long time if you have a cat!

One thing is sure: You'll never be able to stop your kitty from scratching, so don't waste time, effort and nerves trying to transform Kitty into a dog. And don't even think about declawing - this procedure is very traumatizing for a cat, affecting her balance, her sense of security and her emotional well-being.

Offer your cat a reasonable alternative: buy and install a cat scratching post! This way, your kitten will have the opportunity to scratch as much as his heart desires without destroying your things. A scratching post is also a good 'cat gym' - your cat will stretch on it, climb it and play with it, developing good reflexes and staying fit.

Buying and installing a cat scratching post is not enough for convincing your cat to actually use it. You know how stubborn cats are - they like clean, nice, quality things and they enjoy using them when they wish and how they wish. Instead of forcing your kitty to do something she doesn't want, try to outsmart her: observe her behavior and praise the actions you consider appropriate. Her scratching behavior will tell you where she likes to perform her feline activities, suggesting you the best places for installing a cat scratching post.

Does your kitty enjoy welcoming you home by performing an enthusiastic scratch near the door? In this case, you should install a scratch post near the front door and praise your cat every time she's using it.

If your kitty's favorite scratching place is your living-room sofa, place the post near it! If Kitty enjoys keeping you company while you cook, install the post in the kitchen.

The best place for a scratching post is the place where your cat likes to spend time and play. Cats are sociable animals, they enjoy being around people and do stuff together with 'their humans'. If you'll put the post in a dark corner or in the basement, it will stay there - useless and covered in dust.

Playing - the best way to teach a kitten use the scratching post! (c)
Playing - the best way to teach a kitten use the scratching post! (c)

Another good way of teaching a cat to use the post is teasing her with a string-attached toy until you reach the scratching post. Or you can attach the toy to the post and allow your kitty play until a fierce nap will stop her. This solution is especially effective when you teach a young kitten - there's nothing better than learning while playing! The little one will learn fast, making you proud and happy!

If you want to protect your furniture effectively, don't forget several basic things: buy a long sturdy scratching post so it will not collapse when your kitty stretches on it and place it near a place where your kitty enjoys spending time. This way, she will use it with pleasure and you'll both be happy! It's a purrrrfect solution!


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      3 years ago

      Sorry to hear about the situation you are in. I can tell you are very hurt. You're right, the bgneigg and crying isn't going to get you anywhere. Instead, it makes you look weak and makes her feel more guilty. Right now, give each other some space to heal and when there's been some distance between the two of you, try talking to her then. In the meantime, get busy and be healthy.

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      4 years ago

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