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Dog Photography, It's About Connection Between You and Your Dogs

Updated on June 15, 2018
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia has a passion for dogs. Peso is her dog whom she loves eternally, and she dedicates all doggie articles to him.


This is not about professional photography, this is about my personal experience as a dog owner who loves to take photos of my dogs and how I can take good pictures of them without causing stress to them and to myself.

So please don't expect me to talk about camera techniques, only a professional photographer has the right to speak about it.

My Dogs

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My Dogs as My Models

I love photography and my dogs are one of those that I consider my favorite models or subject. I update their photos from time to time because I usually attached those in my articles when I submit to a pet magazine. I am also active in at least two dog forums where I post my dogs' pictures. I post their latest photos on Facebook regularly so that friends can see how cute they are as they grow old gracefully.

Since then it became a challenge to capture my dogs moments, and during pictorial modes, I always make sure that dogs are happy and playful.

Action Shots

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What is Action Shots in Dogs Photography

Action shots mean taking photos of your subjects while playing. For the Dogs, this is very comfortable because they are not required to sit as told by their humans. They are not even told to play... As your dogs' human, you should get your camera ready anytime and take photos of your dogs while they are playing.

Glamour Shots

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Secrets of Glamour shots

In this type of shots, dogs are required to wear cute or casual dog clothes. It can also mean a dog wearing Hat that matches his harness or shirts., Aside from wearing dog accessories, it's the photographer's role to capture that glamorous look and pose of the dogs. so timing and quickness of hands or fingers to click the camera portrays a big role here

Look at the Camera Shots

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How to Make Them Look at the Camera

Depending on the dogs' moods, to make them look at the camera is a bit tricky and hard. The one taking the shots must have enough patience to call their names. If you are talking about one dog, it's easier to make him look at the camera, but if you want two dogs to look at the camera at the same time, I guess that requires harmony and attachment between the dogs and the photographer...

Dogs normally look at you when you call their names, so do the same during picture taking. Try to be funny, my dogs look at me playfully whenever I make funny faces to them.

Good Dogs Shots

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Behave Dogs Shots or Good Dog shots

This is harder than making them look at the camera, though in this shot, you will not really require them to look at the camera at least, let them stay together. Again to make one dog sit and stay is easier than doing it with two or more. But then as their Human, dogs will look up to you and will soon follow you, bribe them with treats everytime they obey, soon you can make them at least sit together, this will take time I know, but there is a chance that your dogs will just simply sit together without being told. Just be quick in clicking the camera, dogs are impatient models too.

The Best Shot

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MAC is sleeping here believe it or not hahaha
MAC is sleeping here believe it or not hahaha
MAC is sleeping here believe it or not hahaha | Source

The Best Time to Take Photos of Them

The best time to take photos of dogs is when they are sleeping. The cuteness is natural and very innocent. Just be careful with your movements because you can easily wake them up with one single noise.

Tips, Suggestions and Technique

Dog photography is easier with human and dogs that have a good rapport with one another. Meaning the dogs are so comfortable with their humans and humans know very well the behavior of his dogs.

Dog photography requires patience because our models here are dogs not professional human models that can understand all our instructions. We, humans, are to adapt to what our dogs are capable of doing.

You can use treats or toys to keep them looking at you. Reward them with treats and don't ever make them feel that picture taking is such a pressure. Let them feel that you are just playing with them.

If you think you are the one running out of patience, it means photo session must be stopped and must be continued on another day. Always remember that we take photographs of our dogs to enjoy the moment with them.

We must always remind ourselves that forcing a dog to do something is not good and not an effective way to let them learn. I mean,I can always show my dogs photos to everyone with confidence that I never threatened my dog just for one good photo.


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    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      Why naman LOL, anyway thanks for visiting

    • profile image

      sakanami cruz 

      6 years ago

      regret ko lang late ko na kayong nakilala.

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      Shibake finally hahahah, so you see this one looks serious but the truth is we actually are the ones adjusting to them so they can come out good though not perfect in a picture... so you finally met my other dog? dog photographs with 3d fantsy? comne on make a hub on it? you think I can learn it too? I am interested really.....thanks for Visiting, by the way did I mention to you that your breed dog is one of my dream dogs? they are just adorable

    • shibashake profile image


      7 years ago

      Hahaha - awesome photos! I especially like the first picture, all the fashion shots, and the rolled over sleeping one.

      Yeah the action shots are usually the most difficult. As you say, it is easiest to take a sequence of continuous shots because it is difficult to time and frame.

      My latest thing is to compose my dog photographs with 3d fantasy backgrounds. It is a whole lot of fun!

    • DjBryle profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

      hahaha! It's okay miss Macel. I wanted to comment on this the time it was published but time did not give me enough chance... lol! hey, you don't need to be apologetic if some people are not pleased with the pics... why would they even spend time on it if they truly find these tips insensible? Truly, actions speaks louder than words ;) Merely looking and leaving comments are other people's unconscious way of saying that they apend their precious time for your hub... hihihi! Cheers! =)

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      Jen hahaha thanks for visiting, sometimes I am really like a child reporting to someone younger than her hahahah. I really appreciate your words

    • DjBryle profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

      Hey, miss Macel, this hub is so helpful. One may be so expert about photography and its technicalities but your tips on how to deal and communicate with your dogs to cooperate during their picture taking is really very useful. Not all expert photographers can do that! hehe... Thanks for sharing such an awesome and useful hub. Voted up too! Cheers! =)

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      Lady E thanks so much...

    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting and thanks for the Tips. Your Dogs are so cute.


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