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Just a rememberance..

Updated on April 13, 2016

Happiness with Him..

He came into my world of amazement..
He became the joy of my existence.
Back then happiness wasn't present in anything..
Until then, his arrival meant happiness in everything.
He stepped into my life with no name..
And I wonder if he ever knew my name?
Two shiny round jet black eyes straight at my sight..
Too mesmerizing to take off locked looks of delight!!

Your unspoken words I interpreted through your eyes..
Was it your loyalty or duty to guard danger away from us??
I remember locking you once in girl's toilet..
Forgetting to release you nearly was too late.
In the fits of frustration pushing you down from a height..
Is something I regret the most when realization struck a light.
You came along, is it because we belonged?
If so, why do you make me wait for you this long?

You always disliked taking bath on sunny day..
And were often the main source of filthy smell on rainy day.
Pulling you for a bath was when you dropped your ears..
Trying best to have mercy on those lazy years.
Feeding you was strange and funny.
You took bread as if it was tough to break..
And hooked those canines on bones with utmost ease!

You loved to bask in the sun ..
Flickering your whiskers,hanging the pink tongue.
You go to some place by your own.. Only to come home late after strolling the town. Frighten me more..When your paws scratch my door!!

You were always there by my side..
When exams kept me awake at night.
Slept on the floor ..
Curled when I opened the door.
Yawning and licking, shaking off the settling dust..
Your bushy furry tail up in a tangled twist.
With those freshly lit eyes, in the cold sleepy midnight.. Was ever so ready to walk me to a place of no light!!

Yes ,you are no more in my life..
You may be gone from my sight.
Somewhere very far..
Or someplace near, but in a bar!

Suddenly one foggy morning you went out sight Nowhere to be seen till tonight!! Where are you I know not? Are you even there or not? Missing you isn't bringing you back anymore.. Praying for you is only reminding me of you even more!!


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