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10 Common Allergies Found In Dogs

Updated on May 1, 2012

Dogs With Allergies

Like with people, our pets may suffer from allergies as well. These can environmental, food or skin allergies. Many can be treated by simply changing the dogs diet, hygiene or by reducing outside factors.

Here are ten of the most common allergies that dogs may have. There are more things that could affect your pet, the easiest way to determine what your dog is allergic to is to visit your vet and fully explain their symptoms.


Just like people, some dogs have seasonal allergies. These will flare up during times when plants are blooming and then again when plants and trees begin to go dormant. These types of allergies are common in breeds that have flat faces like pugs, shih tzu's and english bulldogs. Any breed could have allergies to pollen but it is more likely to occur in dogs with sensitive and narrow nasal passages.


Allergies to shampoos or dog skin care products effect every breed. It's when their skin reacts poorly to an ingredient in the product. Switching the product you use on your dog could eliminate the discomfort all together. Dogs with skin allergies tend to shy away when their skin hurts, have noticeably dry or red skin and may itch a lot.

Household Cleaning Products

Some dogs have a sensitivity to the cleaning products used for daily cleaning. The reactions could vary from respiratory problems to skin irritations. Every dog is different and a dog that has adverse reactions to home use products would need to either be removed when the product is being used or you may want to find a new product.

Cigarette Smoke

Just like people, cigarette smoke could create difficult breathing for your dog, Just like with pollen allergies, this is more common in flat faced breeds but can effect any dog. The solution is easy, don't allow your dog around cigarette smoke.


Surprising enough, some dogs do have allergic reactions to meats. Many dogs with this will only react badly to one type of meat but it isn't impossible for a dog to be allergic to every meat. Beef, chicken and fish are more common to see as allergies than pork. There is no known reason for this.


Many vets will tell you that eggs are great for dogs' coats but dogs can't handle the egg. If you are wanting to improve your dog's fur/hair, fish oil is a great alternative to eggs.


Corn allergies are difficult with dogs. This is because corn is one of the most largely used ingredients in dog foods. Many dog owners have gotten around this allergy by making their own dog food or buying special dog food.


Many dogs aren't fans of dust, they tend to sneeze and rub their faces when they are in an area with heavy dust. Some do have allergies to the dust and tend to have allergy reactions that affect their respiratory systems. Keeping your home dusted and vacuumed could greatly reduce any symptoms of a dust allergy.


Mold allergies can have the respiratory reactions as dust and pollen allergies. The easiest way to avoid this reactions is to make sure your home is mold free.


Bird feathers carry dander and a molting bird in the home could cause an allergic reaction in your dog. The most effective way to reduce the possibility of an allergy reaction is to keep your dog away from birds and household items that contain feathers like down comforters. If you aren't able to keep your dog away from feathers you may need speak with your vet and find out if there are any allergy medications for dogs.


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    • pipmistress profile image

      pipmistress 5 years ago from Qatar

      Thanks for sharing this, great information for dog lovers :)

    • Heather Says profile image

      Heather Rode 5 years ago from Buckeye, Arizona

      Interesting! My dog is actually allergic to red meat so she can only have chicken/pork/fish-based products. It doesn't make feeding her difficult, but if we're preparing red meat, she starts going crazy because she wants it so bad :(

    • brackenb profile image

      brackenb 5 years ago

      Not sure I posted first comment so I'll do it again! Very interesting artice, Voted up.