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10 Reasons You Should Have a Pet Tortoise

Updated on April 9, 2018

Tortoises are awesome! Here's 10 reasons why:

Reptiles are often overlooked when someone is looking for a new critter to call their very own. Below is a list of reasons I believe tortoises make wonderful pets. Take a peek and see what you think. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Tickles the marginated tortoise having a soak.
Tickles the marginated tortoise having a soak. | Source

The List!

  1. No shedding
    No cat hair stuck to your sweater. No dog fur on the couch. Tortoises are all shell and scales so there’s no furry cleanup
  2. Allergy-friendly pet
    Shell and scales mean no dander. No dander means there’s no problem with allergies. So, come all allergy sufferers and pick up one of these interesting critters!
  3. No house training
    Two words- tortoise table.

The penthouse of tortoise tables.
The penthouse of tortoise tables. | Source

4. Tortoise food is cheap
Torts eat weeds. And grass. And worms. The occasional fruit, veggie, or cactus pad. Even the calcium powder they require is only $10 and that stuff lasts forever.

5. With enough of them, they could replace your lawn mower.
Seriously, put a couple sulcatas in your backyard then tell me how many times you had to break the mower out and give the lawn a buzz.

6. They’re smart
Tortoises are inquisitive by nature; they’ll explore their outdoor pens and indoor cages thoroughly. But, they will become bored if their cage contents remains the same for long periods of time.

7. They're social
Though most tortoises could care less about having a tortoise friend, they will recognize their human caretaker after a little while and crawl to them to socialize. Check out the cuteness overload in the video of the baby Redfoot coming to its owner when called.

Taco the Tortoise Comes When Called

8. Minimal vet visits
Typically, tortoises are not taken to the vet on a regular basis like most more conventional pets. They don’t need check-ups or shots on a schedule. The only times a vet visit is necessary is when the tortoise is wild-caught, seems sick, or has parasites.

9. Shell cozies are fantastic.
You can dress your tortoise up as a dinosaur, a pizza, a shark, anything! Being crafty helps, but if you can imagine it, your tort can be it. A simple tie around the shell and ta-da! And, typically, tortoises won’t care to try and rip off their costume with their teeth.

Torta-saurus | Source
Pizza Tort
Pizza Tort | Source
We're gonna need a bigger boat...
We're gonna need a bigger boat... | Source

10. You don’t have to share your food.
Tortoises don’t sit at your feet and beg while you eat. And chances are they didn’t want your nasty sammich anyway-they’re perfectly happy with their dandelions thank you very much. If you show off some fancy hibiscus tea, though, they might give you attitude.

Disclaimer: This list isn’t meant to trivialize tortoises’ care, and in no way should be considered a care sheet. It's meant only as fun 'cause I'm low-key obsessed with mine. I urge you to do some more thorough research before you actually make the jump into buying one. You can start with my other article called "10 Reasons Tortoises Suck as Pets."


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  • orderedchaos profile imageAUTHOR


    16 months ago from Kansas City, MO

    Rio Moore,

    I don't know much about red eared sliders; I have tortoises. In my experience tortoise food is on the cheap side- but in the summer I put mine outside to graze in the yard and garden. I usually spend around $15 per month on all their food and supplements when they're inside for the winter.

    There's many bulk food options for reptiles that can save you money as well.

  • profile image


    16 months ago

    i use to have two tortoises

  • AliciaC profile image

    Linda Crampton 

    16 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

    These sound like great reasons to have a tortoise in the home!

  • jennzie profile image


    16 months ago from Pennsylvania

    I love tortoises and just turtles in general. I never had a pet turtle myself but back when I worked at a pet store I helped care for them. They can make great and entertaining pets, and they also often live a very long time!

  • Rio moore profile image

    Rio moore 

    16 months ago

    other than the food these reasons are awesome, i myself have a red eared slider although he is really dirty but i read that there food adds up? is that true?


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