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10 Things Is Trying To Pass Off As Facts

Updated on August 14, 2012

Who They Are is a website dedicated to wiping out the American Pit Bull Terrier and other bully breed dogs. They are on a mission, charged by their leader, a former bite victim, who has little to no expert knowledge in these types of dogs. The website is vast and has a following, however there are numerous "facts" on the site that are questionable at best. Reading through them and doing accurate fact checking shows a pattern that is misleading and down right untrue.

Here are 10 things that would like you to believe as being true facts however have no basis or are opinions rather than facts.

1) It's The Breed Not The Deed

For years, the slogan "Punish the deed not the breed" has been yelled, chanted and plastered everywhere when the debate comes up about the dangers of pit bulls. Through admission of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there is no accurate way to determine if one breed of domesticated dog is more dangerous or prone to attacks as opposed to any other breed.

Also through temperament testing, where properly trained dogs are evaluated, American Pit Bull Terriers scored very well as being suitable pets, with only 5 % showing unprovoked aggression. Compared to Chihuahuas that showed 11 % unprovoked aggression. This does lead us to believe that trained pit bulls are less dangerous then trained chihuahuas and that it is left at the fault of the owner not the dog.

2) A Pit Bull Is Obviously a Pit Bull

There are around 20 different breeds of dogs that have similar physical traits as American Pit Bull Terriers. Many people can't tell the difference between these dogs. Ca De Bou is a Mallorquin Bulldog, not a Pit Bull. Cane Corso breed also has very similar features and by the looks of them, they could fit into the "pit bull type" category but they too are not Pit Bulls. According to the CDC and AVMA the only way to prove or accurately identify a breed of dog is to do DNA testing. Since people don't want to test every dog they see, they will just give a general description like "it looked like a pit bull" or make a guess "it was a pit bull" without actually knowing.

3) Media Coverage is Accurate About Pit Bulls

We all know that you can't believe everything you see or hear on the news. Media coverage isn't always accurate and certainly doesn't do as much as it could to get facts instead of focusing so much on stories. Yes Pit Bulls can inflict massive damage onto a person so when one does it tends to make the news headlines. But what about the poodle that bit a kid over 10 times in the course of a only a few moments and left the child covered in blood? A poodle isn't a controversial as a pit bull. Its been proven that the media will forego stories for better ones or one that will at least stir up the viewers.

4) All Pit Bulls Are Unpredictable

Well this one is true but only to a point. You can not predict what any domesticated or wild animal is going to do in every situation. It is impossible. Every dog has the ability to snap or become aggressive, it all about the environment they are in and how they have been trained. This, though, does not mean they will not bite! Every dog, cat, pet and person is capable of killing something or someone, It doesn't have to be premeditated. To simply say that Pit Bulls are unpredictable is to completely ignore the existence of all other breeds when kept in the context in which has it.

5) Pit Bulls Don't Pass Any Temperament Testing

Temperament testing with dogs is subjective, it is based on trained dogs. Basic training means that the dog listens to the handler, can walk properly on a leash and understands basic commands such as sit and stay. There is no elaborate doggy boot camp that the dogs have to attend first, just that they be basically trained. Properly trained Pit Bulls do pass basic temperament tests, this means they do not show unprovoked aggression just because they are Pit Bulls. Every breed will have some percentage that shows unprovoked aggression even when trained. Every breed will have some percentage that is not trained and that has severe aggression issues including biting people, attacking other animals, or mauling children. These acts do not pertain only to Pit Bulls. They are universal traits of non-socialized, untrained and not properly cared for dog regardless of breed.

6) Getting Rid of Breed to Fix the Deed

This is an interesting one because not so long ago Rottweilers and Dobermans were in the same spot they now have Pit Bulls in. In articles found on the CDC's website they state that if Pit Bulls were to be removed from society another breed would simply takes its place. However, doesn't see that way. They think that by removing the Pit Bulls from society that magically the deeds of dog owners will also disappear. They are saying that people involved in dog fighting will not longer do it if they have no access to Pit Bulls. Which is not the way society or gangs work. The groups who support dog fighting will find another breed to use, Rottweilers are probably a top contender for fighting rings.

7) Most Law Makers Are Afraid To Take Action

This is unfounded. If law makers were afraid to take action then people wouldn't be in fear of new laws and ordinances that prevent them from keeping their pets. Groups of responsible Pit Bull owners wouldn't be trying to change the laws that are in place. Innocent dogs wouldn't be destroyed because of their appearance.

8) Lowering The Pit Bull Population Will Lower The Number of Dog Attacks

Again, most dogs that attack are not trained properly! The facts on dog bites are pretty easy to understand, most dog involved in attacks and bites are unaltered, meaning they haven't been spayed or neutered. That fact is not based on any one breed but all attacks and bites that are recorded from all breeds. Taking Pit Bulls out the equation isn't the solution. People will turn their focus to another breed. This is how society and fear works. You can't eliminate the fear just by taking away one breed. Either destroy all breeds or enact spay and neuter laws.

9) The Fewer Pit Bulls There Are The Fewer Pit Bull Bites

Okay, yes in theory and exact numbers this one is true. But if you lower the number of Pit Bulls the only way to get an accurate assement of the improvement, if there is one, is to look at the overall percentages. They need to take the percentage of Pit Bull related bites from the larger group and compare it to the percentage of Pit Bull related bites from the smaller group. Just looking at the numbers will give you a false sense of improvement.

If there are 1000 Pit Bulls and 20 of them bite and you compare that to having only 100 Pit Bulls where 2 of them bite you feel more secure... Right? Wrong, you never improved the situation, it's still at 2% will bite. The equation never changed and the problem hasn't improved at all.

10) All Pit Bulls Are Dangerous

This website has some of the most inaccurate information out on the internet. If you compare their "statistics" to those of actual statistics, like from the CDC and AVMA ( the two sources with real information) you can see a problem in the data. The statement that they are pushing is that Pit Bulls are aggressive and untrustworthy, dangerous even, is a misguided statement by people would have had tragic accidents at the mouths of Pit Bulls. However, it is a small group and in most cases the facts are hazy at best. I'm not saying anything against people who have been bitten or attacked by Pit Bulls but out of thousands of Pit Bulls how many really do attack unprovoked?



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    • profile image

      Spencer 2 years ago

      Re: #9

      Going from 20 bites to 2 bites is an improvement. The percentage doesn't change but the raw numbers do.

      I can't believe i have to explain that 2 bites is better than 20. It is.

    • profile image

      Andre Bishop 2 years ago

      These bunch of pitbull haters are just a bunch of idiots who think worse than their dogs. They can't even show their real names in this blog because they refuse (or scared) to be identified. I own a very sweet pitbull. My neighbor owns 2 Chihuahuas. Everytime I walk my pitbull and we pass by my neighbor's house, their Chihuahua's bark like crazy, like they wanted to kill my pitbull. My pitbull just ignores them. There are a few occasions when he can't stand them and will try to get back at them. Of course, if I let him loose, he will kill those Chihuahuas. But I've never seen him instigate a fight. And you haters generalize the breed? Shame on you! Come to my house and my pitbull will lick you to death.

    • profile image

      max 2 years ago

      where is your source for these statements..... what backs you up?

    • profile image

      enterwebtroll 3 years ago

      Wow there's definitely two sides to every story. I was researching bsl in my city because I'm considering rescuing an amstaff from a resuce a friend volunteers at. During my research I came across which seemed a little dramatic, inflated and fanatical. I have no doubt people have been bitten and in some case killed by pits and pit like dogs. However, I couldn't find anything to support the statistics dogbites is throwing out there. I've been bit by a dog too. A golden retriever bit me under the eye for no reason 20 yrs ago. I still have the scar to prove it but I didn't go on a vendetta with the goal of exterminating an entire breed. Seriously, what's next banning certain types of socio economic statutes from breeding because they may have a propensity for violence? This nonsense has got to stop. In my opinion bsl promotes irresponsible pet ownership by forcing pit owners to hide their dogs instead of properly socialising them. Anyway, I'm rescuing an amstaff who will immediately be enrolling in obedience school. I'm certain he'll be a loyal trustworthy companion for many years

    • kgarcia1113 profile image

      Kassi Garcia 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      So her lies about her so called attack don't bother you?

    • profile image

      You have to be stupid to believe "Colleen Lynn" 3 years ago

      Heres another article about "colleen lynn" and her "pro" work

      You have to be blind to believe bite statistics are accurate.

      I'm not an APBT owner but im not stupid

    • profile image

      Julie Jo 4 years ago

      Colleen Lynn and her hater group(s) and are a bunch of liars. They twist information just to suit the idiocy of their page. They quote half truths and make up words to suit whatever they think they can get away with posting. They won''t anyone who doesn't agree with their crazy thinking even post to their page. if you do, you get banned. They are all the same people spreading the same stupid lies that are killing america's dog. I personally am so tired of this woman's lies and personal vendetta against pretty much any breed of dog that she herself feels that she wants to get banned. Pitbulls seem to be at the top of her never ending list along with any other breeds she deems a pitbull. No dog is safe from the scrutiny of this bias or insanity that Ms. Lynn and her cult decide they want to off. They are totally one sided on their views and make no room for anyone else to even challenge the comments that they claim as their truth. Which in turn is not even near the truth of what has been either said or quoted. Ms. Lynn herself has been quoted as to being on psychiatric drugs and not being able to function without them. She seems to have a few followers that seem to be just as mentally ill as she is. She is a self proclaimed expert on the pitbull, which she has no expertise on at all. The only thing that she knows about dogs is she was once bitten by one. That is as far as her knowledge goes. Not she, or any of her followers have ever even owned one of the dogs they so love to hate, yet they still make statements based on media reports and hype.They claim they don't want to eradicate any breeds, however they keep telling the world that they would like to see the pitbull sterilized out of existence. I personally would like to see her and her anti group taken off of the net, as they are making a bad name for a totally good group of animals that are loved by millions. They are partially responsible for a lot of dogs dying in shelters across the nation due to the spreading of the lies they make up to suit their purpose. Especially about the pitbull breed. There are really no bad dogs, only bad owners. I have proof right here at home. My amstaff Lacy and my american bulldog Bella. They are both very good dogs because I have treated and trained them the right way. I will continue to fight for the pitbull and the other breeds for as long as it takes, and as long there are people like Colleen Lynn and on the net.

    • profile image

      Martin Z. 4 years ago is site posting nothing but lies and nasty anti-dog propaganda. Their stories are just FALSE MEMORIES, the same way like alleged stories about allien abductions, satanic ritual abuse, sexual abuse etc. I am confident Colleen Lynn was never actually bitten by a pit bull - maybe in her dreams or drug-induced illusions. I suppose alleged child victims had never existed or stay alive or died for another reason.

    • profile image

      john 4 years ago

      me and my wife have 2 pits,great dogs,i would never thought we have 2 pits,u hear so much about them,but trust me get to know one and u will fall in love with a pit,its all how u raise it..don't label it until u get to know it,back to this article,u people need to get a life,omg...

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 5 years ago from Northern California

      Good job, kgarcia1113. Voted up and interesting.

      My neighbor's daughter has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Mack, who is a nice dog. Mack is also a good judge of character; he prefers my company over that of my neighbor's BF :)

    • profile image

      Crazyotto 5 years ago

      Thanks for your posting ...I would bet that the deranged and delusional Colleen Lynne wrote several of the posts on this blog... She is one sick individual. The facts are Pits are the only breed in which 20 breeds are included.. Yet they are treated as one... There is no doubt that all dogs have the potential to bite and and many can be dangerous. Owners must take responsibility to manage their dogs and keep others safe. But Lynne and her anti-pit Fascists won't be satisfied until all Pits are dead.

    • luvintkandtj profile image

      luvintkandtj 5 years ago from USA

      Great hub! I am forwarding this to my friends. I'm not a pitbull fan but that's not do to temperament. But agree a pitbull is less temperamental than many small breeds such as a chihuahua. They are called ankle bitters for a reason.

    • profile image

      imapitbullmomma 5 years ago

      Ok, I work(ed) in the medical field, in an ER, actually. I saw more dog bites from dogs, other than pits. They were poodles, poms, Chihuahuas and labs. Yes, even the "perfect" family pets, the labs and retrievers have bitten and mauled children. I personally think those in favor of BSL are ignorant. Stupid is not knowing the difference, ignorance is choosing not to learn the difference. So, that being said, I shouldn't own my pit mix because he is "dangerous", "deadly", etc, etc. Well they only thing that is dangerous about him is when he gives me "eyeball kisses" while I'm sleeping. I think I have lost like 2 pairs of contacts like that. The only thing "deadly" about him is his gas. Good grief, when he can chase my boyfriend out of the bedroom with his gas, you know it's bad.

      The founder of that "all knowing and all truthful " website you haters refer to, she is full of fecal matter. Yes, she was bitten by a dog. A DOG, SINGULAR, UNO,ONE. Don't punish an entire breed for one dog. That's ridiculous. But with the logic you guys are using then I should be able to have forks and spoons and Starbucks banned because I'm 15 pounds overweight. See how stupids it sounds?

      Why punish innocent dogs and responsible pittie owners? I guarantee that if someone short of the Gods themselves come to take my dog, my fur baby, I will most definitely exercise my 2nd amendment right.

      You show me hard core proof, other than your prejudiced,witch hunting,tax evading, dogsbite website Creator's garbage

      Where you get your facts from and I will show you one where that will shot down.

      Oh and just so you know APBT's got the highest rating in temperament testing performed by the ATTA. 83.7% compared to 75% for labs and golden retrievers. Don't believe me? Do research.

    • profile image

      The Truth 5 years ago

      Pit Bulls are NOT the problem. The problem is is a hate group. The owner hates pit bulls because she was attacked by one. The problem is NOW pit owners are tired of their families getting bullied by you people and that is EXACTLY what you do. You bully and destroy just because you can not see the bigger picture.

      All of you are getting butt hurt. Yes you were attacked by a dog. A life changing event but grow up. Pursue putting down the animal that attacked you not the entire breed. What you are doing is akin to the Nazi's and Rwanda. Jeffry Dhamer (sp) kills people, well since you are breathing we didn't propose killing all humans did we? Pit Bulls aren't even the most vicious of dogs or the most damaging. We as humans are responsible for our creations. We bred these dogs 150 years ago for bull baiting. Why can't we have a chance through selective breeding those traits out? Makes sense to me. Instead of following some crackpot why not do some research? She doesn't believe dog trainers or scientific studies nor does she actually do any studies on her own she compiles bad data and spoon feeds it to you because something similar happened to you. You are biased in these areas. I have been attacked by dogs. I still don't even hate all breeds. I dislike and would never own a small breed as they are the most vicious but if given a dog i like be it pit, rott, akita, lab, beagle, whatever even though I have been attacked I would still own it and treasure it as part of the family

    • kgarcia1113 profile image

      Kassi Garcia 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      Just because more people have "life changing" attacks doesn't mean small dogs are less vicious just that they are less dangerous. Why don't you go after Rottweiler owners, Chow owners, and German Shepherd owners? Because those dogs didn't harm or threaten you? Every dog on the planet is dangerous, if we push to destroy one breed we need to destroy all breeds. They all have the ability to do severe damage!

      Why punish one when we can completely eliminate problem? Would that fix it?

    • profile image

      I exist 5 years ago

      Ms. Garcia,

      Please document any life changing attack by a Llasa, or a Toy Poodle, or a Chi. Pit bulls killed 24 Americans just last year. News accounts of non fatal pit bull attacks appear every day. The most common victims of pit bull attacks are other dogs, cats, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, all manner of livestock. All of these animals have owners that love them, or did love them when they were living. Most of these attacks do not make the news. There is a very real victim behind every one of the news stories, and countless others that do not make the news. I am one of those victims.

      You are linking to your own posts as a source for documentation. The "research" you cite was an online survey where the dog owner was asked what he THINKS about his own dog's temperament. This was strictly self reported, no actual proof was required, just the owner's THOUGHTS about his own dog. This project was forwarded through dog clubs all over America. Your second "source" for documentation covered the same "research".

    • profile image

      The Truth 5 years ago there you go about the ankle biters. If you don't like that one here is another..

    • kgarcia1113 profile image

      Kassi Garcia 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      Okay, here it is, nobody is saying that "ankle biters" do more damage, just that they are more vicious. The reality is that most small breed attacks or bites aren't reported anywhere so people get this warm fuzzy feeling about small dogs. Common Sense time... the larger the dog the more damage per bite. That does not mean that small dogs are safe little angels that don't get aggressive.

      Papillons are small dogs that have extreme loyalty and jealousy issues towards people who aren't their owners.

      Llasa Apos as a breed have a history of bites and aggession towards children.

      Chihuahuas have severe fear and aggression problems towards people, most bites/attacks towards children.

      Toy Poodles are similar to chihuahuas when it comes to their attacks.

      Those are small breeds that can't be trusted and everyone allows pops off at the Pit Bulls. The reason is pretty easy to explain. Small dogs can't inflict as much damage as large dogs.

    • profile image

      Prove it 5 years ago

      "all the little ankle biters who are more vicious than pit bulls" I would like proof of that statement. You are supposed to be the enlightened pit bull expert, here to educate the haters, correct? Show me scientific proof where ALL the little ankle biters are more vicious than pit bulls.

    • profile image

      The Truth 5 years ago

      Wow most of you also believe guns kill people too huh? Thousands? Really maybe over a 20 year span but lets not forget all the little ankle biters who are more vicious than pit bulls. Just because they can't cause as much damage doesn't mean they aren't vicious. Get off your high horses people and know this what you want is total destruction of a specific dog breed that is akin to the holocaust that occurred during WWII and the genocide in Darfur

    • profile image

      Pit Bull Dangers 5 years ago

      I see you are out spreading your lies, misinformation and myths again. You do nothing but put people in harms way and get them hurt or killed. Knowing this you keep on, I can only assume you have no compassion at all for the thousands of people injured, maimed, mauled, disabled, disfigured, dismembered and killed by these dogs. These dogs kill more people than all other dogs combined.

    • profile image

      Grand Standing Long? 5 years ago

      This blog completely spot-lights the grand-standing of pit bull advocates. A victims voice is neither important nor tolerated.

      Perfect example of how dismissive the pit community is to facts that do not support their campaign. tsk tsk

      Victims are speaking out, and in large part as a result of the bravery and dedication of founder Colleen Lynn. "BULLY" for her, as the English would say! She stepped out of the shadows of the overly-zealous nutter-putter and dared to speak the truth.

      The truth is out there, and the truth is being shared, learned and recognized by the majority of the communities, insurance industries and medical profession.

      Just because you 'say it ain't so' in your blog doesn't make the nightmare (the truth) go away!

    • profile image

      Meals on Wheels 5 years ago

      I applaud, who presents their facts in a much more scholarly and objective manner than the writer of this blog. So Ms. Lynne is not an expert on dogs? She's an expert on what happens when they bite. I propose a curriculum for pit bull is just not complete until you have had a personal bloody experience with one. It's an advanced class, and according to you advocates, that your chances of being struck on the head by a coconut are greater than being granted this experience. All of you who advocate for these poor misunderstood dogs need to watch it in action, expressing their D.N.A. on a being you love (maybe yourself!), then your education will be complete. Ultimately, the fate of the breed rests on the advocacy; the worst advocacy ever, I feel sorry for the dogs. Advocates need to do a better job, the blood is on their hands and it seems there will never be enough soap to wash it all off.

    • profile image

      pit bullied 5 years ago

      If we're going to try the aggressive-dog case in the court of public opinion, can we please tell the whole truth. Since my attack 3 months ago, with my dog on a leash 10 feet from my front door where she was killed by 2 pit bulls who lived 300 feet away and I still don't have use of my arm, people have seen the huge hinged brace I've worn and told me their pit bull-ied stories. Most of these were never reported to authorities because authorities do nothing about them. NONE of these victim stories, including mine, made it into the news. So there's a potential unwillingly-silent majority out there, that would like to be heard and repaid for medical bills, etc. ...pain and suffering? I'm holding my breath.

    • profile image

      Jewel Jade 5 years ago

      This article is a bunch of CRAP! tells the TRUTH and the pit bull lovers HATE that! They want NO ONE to know the TRUTH about their vicious dogs, for fear they will get banned. Well, guess what....there are new pit bull ordinances going up all over the United States. People are tired of their beloved pets, children and loved ones getting shredded to pieces by these brutal and vicious dogs.'s founder is a victim, yes, and pit bull lovers HATE her because she didn't just shut up and take her mauling like a good girl. GET OVER IT!!!!

    • kgarcia1113 profile image

      Kassi Garcia 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      Thanks, I'm glad to help clarify things.

    • pipmistress profile image

      pipmistress 5 years ago from Qatar

      Voted up and useful. I was afraid to pit bull because of the news i heard, but you made good clarification about the issue.

    • kgarcia1113 profile image

      Kassi Garcia 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      By all means, pass it on!

    • profile image

      MzTx 5 years ago

      Thank You for this Posting- I agree and will forward if that is ok by You?