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10 Things Our Pets Do That Drive Us Crazy!

Updated on May 2, 2014

I'll Be Your Best Friend

#1 Pets Love To Ignore You!

One thing a pet has down pack is the selective hearing. You know that point where your dog is drenched and has just came inside. You have commanded him to sit on his mat to dry off. He then slowly creeps off, while dragging his sloppy body across your usually nice clean floor. You then begin to tell them to get back on their mat... and those shifty sad eyes look at you like you have just broken their heart. All a while he continues to creep along your floor.

Or when your cat jumps up onto the counter, only to bail onto the top of the cabinets and ignores your pleas for them to get down before they knock something over.

How about when your cats find that one ping pong back or jingle bell at three in the morning and start batting it around and when your pleas for them to stop go un heard.

Animals have a way of ignoring us that makes our blood boil, our head's shake and sometimes us wish we had said no. When there cute batty eyes looked at us when they were just weaned.

I See You

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Numbers 2-6

2. Your pet needs to sleep on your pillow, face, chest or sprawled across the entire bed.

3. Your pet drinks out of the toilet leaving it drenched, so when your unaware bum sits down it gets a nice wet surprise.

4. Your pet tries to eat everything you eat, even if it means stealing it right off your plate.

5. Your pet leaves your surprises on the floor, whether it be a dead mouse, a pile of throw up or cat litter spread outside of the cat box.

6. Your pet decides they must sit with you, this may be okay for a five pound cat but a hundred pound dog is a different story.

Number 10

10. Our the one thing our pets do that drives us crazy, they find every little thing that could drive us up the wall and do it. They like to climb our walls, eat our walls, throw up on our favorite shoes. If they get mad at us they pee on our floors, clothing or anything else they can squat or lift there leg onto. Our pets are very spiteful creatures. They plot the best time to scream at us to let them out, usually in the middle of the night when we are in dead sleeps. They are very smart though because by the time you have found whatever it is they have done, they are usually nowhere to be found.

A Couple More Things Our Pets Do!

7. Our pets love us so much that when we leave them unsupervised for an hour or so they decide to rearrange our house...

8. Our pets don't like the way our furniture looks so they help us by adding ventilation...

9. Our pets drive us crazy by their indecisiveness to go outside or stay inside.

Annoying things our animals do

(click column header to sort results)
Climb the walls
Bark into the wee hours
Swear at you when company is over
Leave you dead gifts
Leave you half eaten shoes
Leave you poop to clean out
Sleep on your head
Lay in your spot or push you out of your spot
whisper creepy things under the covered cage
Plot ways to kill you
Plot ways to always be beside you
Plot ways to escape and leave you
Bite whenever they want to
Bite only when its a last resort
Bite because they can

Why Do We Have Animals?

Although our animals drive us up the walls, wreck our houses, leave fur every where and have us wrapped around their paws, we still love them.

We love them for all the entertainment they give us.

We love them for the companionship.

We love them for the pure joy they give our children.

The set of ears they use to listen to our secrets.

The heat the provide when you are feeling sick.

And yes we love them because without them how boring would it be to come home to a nice clean, quiet, stress free, fur free home.

There is always going to be an animal in need and as long as there are loving humans who will open there doors there will always be these stories of how a bird ate your home work, a dog ate your supper and a cat tried to eat your finger while you slept.

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