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Stress! 12 Things Your Dog Can Teach You!

Updated on January 21, 2018
Come play with me!
Come play with me! | Source
Hey, come see what I found!
Hey, come see what I found!

Dogs very rarely get stressed out. Most of their stress comes from being left alone all day. When you come home their life gets better. Face it dog's live a very simplistic life. So, maybe there are things our dogs can teach us. Dogs have pure hearts and pure intentions. Do you have the same? Think about the ways you make your life more difficult. Now, think about how you can simplify your life. Experiencing the world through your pet's eyes can be quite an education in simplicity. Take some time to watch your dog. Learn some of the tricks your dog has up her furry sleeve to relieve stress. Here are 12 Things Your Dog Can Teach You.

1. When was the last time you went on a walk with your dog? It's time. Dogs love to be outside. In the wild canines walk many miles during the course of a day. Exercising, like walking is not only great for your physical health it's a proven a stress reducer. Exercise can help clear your head, which helps you to better solve problems.

2. While out on your walk remember to stop and smell the roses and the fence post and the trees and fire hydrant. Dogs are interested in the world around them. When was the last time you paid attention to your dog when you were on a walk? I get so aggravated when I see people talking on their cell phones while walking their dog. Not only does your dog deserve better, but you do too. Put your phone away and spend this time with just you and your dog. Get into your dog's groove and see how your dog experiences their surroundings. Get interested in flowers you see and plants you may not have noticed before. Feel how every step makes you feel more energized. Feel how the outside air melts your stress away. Take a deep breath and enjoy your walk. Then enjoy your day. Dogs have a way of making you see what is important in life. Simplicity is the way to go.

3. I truly believe that if humans sniffed each other as a form of greeting there would be less violence in the world. Did you ever hug someone and breath in the scent of their shampoo, or shake someone’s hand and smell their cologne? It’s hard to be mad at someone that smells good. When you really hug someone its hard to judge them. So next time you hug someone hug them like you mean it, especially if you know them well. Breath in the essence of their being and feel how they feel like next to you. They don't have to know you are doing it. Hugging relieves stress. And don't forget to hug your dog, every day.

4. Do everything with excitement and gusto! Ever watch a dog dig? There is nothing else in their world at that moment except digging. When they finally finish the look of satisfaction is unmistakable. When a dog is on a mission they are all consumed. They aren’t thinking about what they are going to make for dinner. They aren’t worried about bills. The only thing that is important is what they are doing right here, right now. Dogs teach us to stay in the moment. Next time you are involved with an activity think to yourself "how would my dog approach this?" Then GO FOR IT!!!

5. When all else fails take a nap. If you’re having a bad day sometimes just going back to bed can help you gain some perspective. Relax, even if it means kicking back on the couch and watching a movie. Sip a cup of tea or decaf. Stewing over an issue never solves anything. Sometimes you need to take a step back can help you take a step forward. Napping is a great step back.

6. Eat something wonderful. Ever watch a dog eat? They thoroughly enjoy every bite. Give them a cookie and life just got fantastic. When was the last time you were that excited about what you were eating? Throw caution to the wind for one day and eat something totally decadent. Dogs don’t worry about their waistline and therefore truly enjoy every morsel. As humans we tend to eat on the run and deny ourselves a treat. In reality a treat every once in a while is good for mind, body and spirit. Stop eating at your desk or while driving. Take time to sit down and think about what you are eating. Take the time to make yourself a healthy meal and then sat down and savor it. Eating on the run makes you even more stressed which can cause upset stomach, heartburn and indigestion. When you eat think only about the food in front of you and not about all the things you have to get done.

7. Take pride in your work. You may think that your dog doesn’t work, but they do. Dogs find themselves chores to do while you are away. It maybe chasing and killing bugs, which is a good thing or they may chew the baseboards, which isn't good, but to them it is a job. You may not always like their chores, but they take pride in what they do. Dogs love to have a job to do and they take any job seriously. So ask yourself, "do I like my job?" If not, why? Is it who you work with? Is it your boss? Do you take pride in your work? What ever it is if you can't change your attitude about your work then maybe its time to change your work. Be like your dog and find a job you can take pride in.

8. Play as hard as you work. It is so easy for us humans to get wrapped up in a career and not take time to relax. This is especially true if you own your own business. Dogs love to play and are up for a game of fetch at a moments notice. What do you do for play? If you can’t answer that question then you may need to make a bucket list and get busy. At the very least go play with your dog.

9. A dog’s motto, “If you can’t fix it pee on it and walk away.” Well, maybe not literally pee on it, but at least walk away. How many problems do we embroil ourselves in when really they weren't our problems to begin with? How many people do you try to change on a regular basis, your spouse, your kids? We are not meant to change people or fix their problems. If you can't fix it wipe the dust from your feet and put your energies into more productive things.

10. Don’t bite when a growl will do. Dogs only get into a fight when a growl wasn't heeded. If they do happen to scuffle as soon as its over they go on their way. The more you obsess over something the more you keep that bad energy within you. It's insanity to keep rehashing old issues. Whether it was a friend that hurt you or something your significant other did if can’t be fixed then you need to consider other options such as dissolving the relationship. Dogs don't ever seek revenge. Revenge never solves anything and it only keeps the bad energy emanating around you. Dogs don‘t harp on the same stuff over and over. They move on. Instead of drudging up an old past create a new wonderful future.

11. Stop worrying. Dogs worry about big stuff like the fact you are leaving them alone all day. They don’t care what people say or think about them. Worrying comes naturally if you are a parent and you should worry about your kids. But how many useless things do we load into our brains on a daily basis? I have a friend who actually makes things up to worry about! How insane is that? She imagines people are talking about her. I always tell her a good motto to live by is "what others say about me is none of my business." That way you are not always obsessing about what others think about you. Dogs don’t spend time worrying about the past or future. They are too busy living in the present.

12. Learn to adjust. My friend’s dog demonstrated this perfectly. One day she was vacuuming and she put her dog’s bed up on the couch. She forgot it was there and a while later she found her pup curled up inside the bed while it was still on the couch. Dog’s have a wonderful capacity to make the best of any situation. What issues do you complain about daily? Can you change them? If not how can you adapt? Watch how your dog makes the best of any situation.

Whatever is happening in your life its good to step back and check in with your pup. Hang out with them for a while and try to experience the world as they do. See how they solve problems, watch them enjoy a meal. Maybe some of it will rub off. Take a walk with them and experience the world through their senses. Accept change without complaining. Stay in the present and take pride in your work. Eat something wonderful. There is a great big beautiful world out there. Learn to experience it as your dog would.


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