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12 questions to ask before you choose a puppy

Updated on June 25, 2008

Research before you decide...

Most of us pick a puppy because of it's cuteness without any kind of research on it's traits and temperament. But it is very important to know more about the type of dog you are choosing because a two pound sweet puppy can become a hundred and ten pound dog with an irritable streak that hates children.

Here are twelve questions to ask yourself befoe you select a dog:

* What size do you want your dog to be?

* Does he need to be good with children?

* How much shedding can you tolerate?

* Are allergies a problem in your family?

* Does your dog need to get along with other dogs?

* Does he need to get along with cats or other small pets?

* How large is your yard?

* How high is your fence?

* How much brushing are you willing and able to do?

* How much trimming or clipping?

* How much exercise can you provide?

* How easy should your dog be to train?


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