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17 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Updated on November 23, 2015

*Disclaimer, this is a lighthearted opinon about cats and dogs, not to be taken seriously. To all of you neurotic cat owners out there I'm sure that your cat loves you and is much smarter than my filthy dog.


As the owner of two dogs and one cat who thinks he is a dog, I feel I can safely say that I am a dog person. Nothing against cats, but dogs are a lot more fun. Loyal to a fault, they just want to please their owners. Sure, cats have their redeeming qualities, but there is usually a motive behind their antics. A cat will decide when it wants attention or affection, and it’s usually near the food dish.

Cat people will point out that dog owners have a complex and need a pet that will answer to their every command. As for me, I just like for a pet to be a pet. A dog wants to be a pet and is perfectly willing to accept his role in the family. I often have no idea where the cat is.

So with that in mind here are 17 reasons why dogs are better than cats:

I will not fetch...
I will not fetch... | Source


  1. A dog will play fetch – I’m sure there are a few cats out there that are the exception, but for the most part a cat is not going to lower himself to a game of fetch.
  2. Dogs are happy to see you when you get home – Coming home after a long day, my dogs are waiting at the door with their tales wagging. My lab will always greet me with a toy or whatever he can find as to say I missed you!
  3. A dog is a better alarm system than a cat- If a few prowlers are outside of the house sneaking around and up to no good, I'm not sure hissing is going to do the trick.
  4. You can take your dog for a walk – Once again, I’m sure there is an exception, and I will laugh.
  5. Dogs are more open minded – I'll bet that monkey has never ridden a cat.
  6. You can’t take your cat to the beach – Taking your dog for a walk or run along the beach is a great way to start a day.
  7. Cat pee stinks – It's just a different formula.
  8. A dog doesn’t, or shouldn’t need a litter box – Except maybe for a snack.
  9. They make better movie characters - Marley and Me could not have been about a cat. Let’s see, he eats a fern, claws the couch, naps and sleeps. Jennifer Aniston would have had to do a lot more acting.
  10. Cats don’t swim – At least not without a little prodding.
  11. A dog will play with children - Dogs seem to be more accommodating to the little ones.
  12. Cats are arrogant – Call it self-reliance, but a cat will just sit there on the windowsill flipping his tail as if to say, “Simple humans, you disgust me!”
  13. A dog can catch a frisbee – Well mine can’t but still…
  14. There are no seeing eye cats – Sure, there are stories about a cat that wanders into a hospital and lives there for 14 years while visiting patients and napping on the counter, but you won’t find too many working cats.
  15. Dogs smile – After a good walk with the dogs, they will both lie down beside me with a big old smile on their face
  16. A dog will sit shotgun in the car - A cat will be under the seat and ready to claw you if you come near.
  17. Try taking your cat to petsmart – I hope you’re wearing long sleeves.

Dogs are far more sociable animals, most of them need and want attention. Many cat owners take pride in their cats’ independence, pointing out that dogs are clumsy, dirty, and that they drool. Maybe so, but it's a deal I'm willing to take.

As far as which is smarter, I’m not sure there is a definitive answer. Dogs are open to learning tricks, commands and most will happily perform them at will, anything to please. Cat owners will point out that Felix will not lower himself to these antics, to which I say pass the laser pointer.

It all comes down to us. Our lifestyles, our living arrangements, or just our personal preferences. For some, the low-maintenance, independence of a cat is just what they are looking for. Others like me feel that dogs, while more work, are more rewarding in the end.


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