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2 Great Websites for Cat Lovers

Updated on July 24, 2014

We Love Our Cats

We catfood givers are a special lot. We adore our furry family members, even though they are bred to be, well, let us say, “cats.” That’s the code word my fellow human and I use to mean difficult, ungrateful, aloof, unfriendly, inscrutable, demanding, and all other unsavory feline behaviors. Notwithstanding, God packs a lot of soul into these small beings.

We know that our pets also are graceful athletes, slinky stalkers, careful engineers, lusty diners, cuddly companions (sometimes), and benevolent healing angels to both our bodies and spirits. Loving them comes rather easily, doesn’t it? Thus, we care for them as best as we can.

2 Cat Websites

These are two sites which you may appreciate. The first is totally indulgent to us humans and the second offers health and behavior information in a very practical manner.

Angel Kitten Mug for Lefties

Celebrating CATS

Celebrating CATS is a web store which is adding items every week. It offers mugs, shirts, aprons and other odds and ends such as mousepads, cutting boards, and tote bags. Of course, these are festooned with kitties and especially tiger tabbies. Some of the products feature cultural or spiritual sentiments. For example, a cat comments about hearing the word “lox” on several items. These could be very appealing as a gift for Pesach or Chanukah. On other products, a cat gives its reaction to green beer for Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. Additional items feature a short verse from the Bible or phrase from a poem along with complementary cat photo. One of the cutest groups display an adorable “angel kitten.” Can you imagine your child or grandchild wearing a kitten angel sweatshirt? Too cute. Next, there are secular wares honoring universal family values such as love, OR showing humor in the more ornery aspects of cat personalities. (You know, “Cat-titude.”)

The mugs are solid, well-made, microwave-able and fine in a dishwasher. My understanding is that sales tax is charged only to residents of Colorado, but you can confirm that when you shop. Please use the comment section of this hub to share your impressions and experiences with this cute, quirky cat shop.

Ask the Vet’s Pets

This is a wonderful collection of quick-read articles about pet health, behavior, training, and other issues.The link above, Ask the Vet’s Pets Cats, takes you directly to the section for cats. As you may have intuited from its name, the advice is given by a cat, Christopher. Like a Dear Abby Tabby, he expounds on solutions for readers who have cat problems. He shares what his mom does for him, and if he hasn’t experienced the problem, he’ll tell you about one of his brothers or sisters who did. In addition to extensive articles about behavior and health, Christopher also discusses boarding, adoption, toys, feeding, human health related to cats and much more. Good information is presented in an informative, succinct, cat-tongue-in-cheek manner (yet always respectful and honest.) I highly recommend this site.

Gotta Love Them

Cat loving is an addiction for which I seek no cure.  As I discover more useful websites, I’ll be sure to share them.

Copyright 2011 Maren Morgan


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