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2 Great Websites for Cat Lovers

Updated on February 10, 2018
Maren Morgan M-T profile image

Rogue cat lover. Shelter kitty mom who learns by her teeny mistakes. Fortunately, they guide me with compassion for my human limitations.

Adorable kitten at eight weeks of age.
Adorable kitten at eight weeks of age. | Source

We Love Our Cats

We cat lovers know our feline friends are a special lot. They are graceful athletes, slinky stalkers, careful engineers, and lusty diners. But, to keep us on our toes, they can also be inscrutable, demanding, and sometimes ungrateful. Then, they will turn around to serve as cuddly companions and benevolent healing angels to both our bodies and spirits. God packs a lot of soul into these small beings known as cats. Loving them comes rather easily, doesn’t it? Thus, we care for them as best as we can.

2 Cat Websites

These are two sites which I recommend.

The first offers health and behavior information from a veterinarian who practices in Berks County, Pennsylvania. I have known her for years as a fellow member of my worship community. The unique feature of her vet advice columns is it's viewpoint: it is totally sound information with witty cat-centric humor.

s totally indulgent to us humans and the second in a very practical manner.

A rescue cat who went on to be the official barn cat at a national historic site.
A rescue cat who went on to be the official barn cat at a national historic site. | Source

Ask the Vet’s Pets

This is a wonderful collection of quick-read articles about pet health, behavior, training, and other issues.The link, Ask the Vet’s Pets Cats, takes you directly to the section for cats. As you may have intuited from its name, the advice is given by a cat, Christopher. Like a Dear Abby Tabby, he expounds on solutions for readers who have cat problems. He shares what his mom does for him, and if he hasn’t experienced the problem, he’ll tell you about one of his brothers or sisters who did. In addition to extensive articles about behavior and health, Christopher also discusses boarding, adoption, toys, feeding, human health related to cats and much more. Good information is presented in an informative, succinct, cat-tongue-in-cheek manner (yet always respectful and honest.) I highly recommend this site.

Loving "Brother" Rescue Cats


I Heart Cats

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I see "King of the Jungle" in this cat's memory bank.
I see "King of the Jungle" in this cat's memory bank. | Source

Gotta Love Them

Cat loving is an addiction for which I seek no cure.  As I discover more useful websites, I’ll be sure to share them.

Copyright 2011 Maren Morgan

Renoir Style

A pensive, relaxed kitty named Alley.
A pensive, relaxed kitty named Alley. | Source


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