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2 Story Rabbit Hutch

Updated on May 23, 2014

2 Story Rabbit Hutch

A 2 story rabbit hutch is one of the best things you can give your pet rabbit(s), especially in the late spring, early summer like it is now! There are so many reasons to get two story rabbit hutches for your pet bunnies! My friend when I was little had a few rabbits in her back yard and they had a nice huge outdoor rabbit cage for them. They one thing I noticed was that it was only one story, not two! This means there is actually less room for the bunnies to move around and find their own personal spots within the cage which wasn't ideal!

Rabbits are very social animals but they do require space. Rabbit hutches are better than indoor cages since they do offer more room for your pets to run around. Most two story hutches for rabbits have a nice ramp that the pets can easily climb. They often have one space that is more of a bedroom area and another that is a play and eating area. The sleeping den is often on the second floor of the rabbit hutch but that's not always true.

Another thing I like about these two story hutches for rabbits is that they provide easy access to the pets! They have various doors or openings that make it easy for you to pick up the rabbit for playtime!

These rabbit hutches come in a variety of materials but one of the most common choices are wooden rabbit hutches. These are just so sturdy and long-lasting. They are durable and cheaper than metal or plastic hutches.

Image source: This Rabbit Hutch On Amazon

Custom Two Story Rabbit Hutch

This man made an awesome 2 story rabbit hutch - and then added an extra story on top! Tons of room for his rabbit!

Small Rabbit Hutches For Sale

For people who may not have a lot of room, a small rabbit hutch may be a better option. This would be a good choice as long as you are able to take the bunny out frequently to let it run around often! But - your rabbits can still live happy and healthy lives in smaller cages if you provide great care for them and give them the attention they need.

Vote For The Best Rabbit Hutches For Sale

Let's see what one rises to the top. Will it be a 1-story rabbit hutch or a 2-story rabbit hutch? Time will tell. Make your vote count :)

Advantek The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch, Easy Access - Fits 1-2 Rabbits
Advantek The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch, Easy Access - Fits 1-2 Rabbits

Advantek Rabbit Hutch. Made with lightweight Auburn Colored Insect and Rot Resistant Fir Lumber. Recommended for 1-2 Rabbits.

Kaytee Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48-Inch Wide
Kaytee Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48-Inch Wide

Super Pet Hutches feature durable shingles rooftops that are weather and rain resistant to keep pets safe and dry. The wood is treated with a pet safe stain to provide a longer hutch life. The feature packed hutches have a nesting box hideout, multiple access doors, a hay manger, and a E-Z Clean pull-out litter tray with wire grate. The elevated living area has secure locks and plenty of open space for ventilation. All Super Pet hutches are easy to assemble with fewer parts and easy to follow instructions. Actual size 48 inches long, 50.5 inches high and 24.25 inches wide. The ideal size for single or multiple rabbits.

Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Glazed Pine
Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Glazed Pine

TRIXIEâs Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof is ideal for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The two-story design has a retreat area on the upper level. The non-slip ramp allows your pets to roam inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, in the sun or in the shade for ideal comfort. The interior hatch door gives owners the option to restrict access between levels as needed. Wood paneling at the back offers additional protection from the elements. For easy maintenance, weâve included a pull-out plastic tray and a hinged roof with locking arm that can be opened from above. Solid wood construction, glazed pine finish, and our finest materials mean this hutch will endure years of use with very little maintenance. Compatible with TRIXIE Outdoor Runs. Dimensions: 41 x 21 x 38 inches. Door opening: mesh 22 x 16 inches; wood 10 x 16 inches. Weight: 55 lbs. Color: glazed pine. Quick and easy assembly. One year warranty. Note: Water bottle and bowl not included.

Advantek The Loft Rabbit Hutch
Advantek The Loft Rabbit Hutch

Made with lightweight auburn colored insect and rot resistant fir lumber. Two story habitat offering an enclosed and outdoor environment.


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