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20 Fun & Interesting Facts About Frogs

Updated on May 26, 2012

Some say the only thing left after a nuclear holocaust will be cockroaches and frogs. These small, fascinating creatures are one of a lot of mystery. However, they have a lot of useful and amazing characteristics that you will find fun & interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing facts about frogs.

•Frogs are Amphibious: Frogs lay their eggs in water. These eggs will soon blossom into small tadpoles. These tadpoles over a small amount of time will metamorphose into a full grown frog.

•When a new tadpole is born they are actually considered part of the fish family. They are born with gills, long finned tail and webbed fins. They resemble and act more like a newborn fish.

•Amphibians are amazing creatures. They have the ability to breathe under water and to breathe on land.

•Many frogs are found mostly by wet areas such as rivers, ponds, and lakes. This is because a frog’s skin must stay damp in order to survive. So, even though they can live on land they are never far from water.

•Frogs use a type of osmosis to soak in the water they need. They do not actually drink water.

•Frogs tend to breathe mostly through their skin. However, they also breather through their nostrils to absorb 25 percent of the air that need to have to survive.

Frogs have a sticky muscular tongue that they use to catch and eat food. The tongue of a frog is not actually attached to the back of the mouth like most types of mammals. The tongue is attached to the front of the mouth allowing the frog to have a much greater reach for catching food.

•The pond frog will not produce anymore tadpoles until it is three years old or older. This is the time when it is fully sexually matured.

•Frogs living in the wild face a host of dangers in the wild so their life span is often reduced. When frogs are kept as pets, their life span is greatly extended

•Frogs have an unusual talent that allows them to move their eyes in one direction that allows them to see up, sideways, and forwards all at the same time.

•One, of the most interesting aspects of frogs is that they use their eyeballs to help them swallow food. When they swallow a frog will blink causing the eyeballs to go into their sockets. This causes a small bulge at the top of the frogs mouth which helps push the food to the back of the throat.

·Frogs are terrific jumpers. The longest recorded frog jump was over 15 feet in one leap. They have long legs which allow them, to use the full force of their weight to jump off of the platforms they are sitting.


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Some ugly looking frogs. Great pictures.