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Funny Chores for Your Dog

Updated on September 21, 2016
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Funny chores for your dog.
Funny chores for your dog. | Source

A Dog is Man's Best Friend

There is absolutely no doubt that we adore our four legged friends. To some of us, pets are your best friends. They are your babies.

Dogs listen to your problems without trying to solve them. Pups never judge you. They are always happy to see you, whether you were gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

Your pets greet you with a wagging tail. Quite possibly they run around in circles and depending on your breed, they might pee due to excitement. I've seen that happen a few times too many.

Your dogs are a part of your family. As we all know family members are supposed to chip in and help out around the house...

So, why don't our dogs?

Funny chores for your dog.
Funny chores for your dog. | Source

There Are Many Ways To Pamper Our Furry Friends

  • We feed them
  • Bathe them
  • Cuddle with them
  • Take them for long walks
  • Toss a ball with them
  • Scratch them
  • Take them to the vets
  • Give them their medicine
  • Brush their teeth
  • Brush their coats
  • Groom them
  • Pet them
  • Set up play dates for them
  • Comfort them while they tremble during thunder storms and fireworks

We treat them like royalty. Actually some pets are treated better than royalty.

All I ask for is a bit of help every now and then. I'm sure others could use an extra hand once in a while. We have become a multi-tasking society.

Even men are catching on to the fact that it's possible to do more than one thing at a time! We are finally making strides on our planet.

I now think it's time for our little buddies to lend a paw or two. I mean they have four that they could spare.

Foxy Enjoyed Her Naps

Funny chores for your dog.
Funny chores for your dog. | Source

Dogs Lending a Helping Paw

I'm not referring to all dogs. Maybe your dog does help around the house. You possibly could have trained your canine to vacuum or dust. I've tried. I've made requests. I get nothing. Foxy is a Toy Fox Terrier. She's petite in size, weighing only 10 pounds. She's short in stature. I take that into account. It's not like I'm asking her to change light bulbs. Hmmm? That's not a bad idea.

I'll be honest. There are days that I am jealous of my dog. Her lifestyle of eating, sleeping, stretching, napping, eating, walking, barking, napping, eating could make anyone envious. Wouldn't we all appreciate a lazy day every once in a while?

I'm not asking for every day, but at least once a week would be a nice treat.

Which brings me to the point of this article. I think it's time our furry fellows were put to work. I think they are capable of doing more than they led us to believe. I think we've been punked by our little friends.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a mommy's or daddy's little helper? Isn't it about time that all of our family members pulled their weight?

With some patience, tons of training, plenty of treats and lots of loving we could make this happen. Hopefully.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please add them to the comment section below.

Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out?

Tasks Your Dog Could Help With

  • Retrieve the newspaper. This doesn't take rocket science to figure out. Tie a piece of rope to the door handle. The dog tugs at the rope until the door is opened. He then proceeds to the walkway to pick up the newspaper. Grasps it with his teeth and brings it to you. See how simple that was? I've tried. I failed. Monday-Saturday the paper is light enough for Foxy. Sunday is a bit heavy, so I could understand her passing on that day.
  • Dusting. They could wag their tails and dust at the same time. Perfect idea! This method will take practice. You also might want to move valuable items away from areas that will be dusted.
  • Our dogs could be trained to answer the phone when solicitors call. You could have a separate ring tone for unknown calls. When your pup hears the tone, he'll race to the phone, using his paw to click answer and bark loudly into the speaker until the solicitor disconnects the call. Chances are you won't hear from that company again.
  • How difficult could it be for Fido to vacuum? Once they are trained to walk on their hind legs, they could push a vacuum. Heck, they could even push a lawnmower too. They'll need your help to start the cleaner and mower, but once they get going chances are there is no stopping them.
  • How about your dog walking you, instead of you walking your dog? Where is it written that the we must walk the dog? Nowhere. So, if your dog walks you, you could skip the collar, you both will get a good cardio workout. Why? Because chances are if your dog is walking you he's chasing something and he ain't slowing down.
  • Personally I think dogs take the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie" literally. I don't think they are aware of the meaning behind the saying - "to leave disagreements in the past." No, they think this means they are just supposed to lie around all day. If so, how about they learn how to make the bed? It's not that difficult once they are properly trained. Remember this takes patience on your part and dogs must know how to walk on just their hind legs. They could do it, don't let them fool you. We've been punked long enough.

Milo and Her Mom Sue Inspired This Article

Funny chores for your dog.
Funny chores for your dog. | Source

More Ways Your Dog Could Help

  • How about buffing the floors? They usually spend time scratching their butts, why not add a bit of pet-friendly polish to their backside and have them buff a floor or two.
  • Turn on the crock-pot. You leave to work and you once again forget to turn on the crock pot. How about having a special ring tone on the phone for the dog to know it's time to turn on the crock pot. I bet they would enjoy using their shiny canines (that you brushed) to do that special favor for mommy.
  • Fetching your slippers might already be a trick of the trade for your delightful dog, but not for mine. Probably because I never wear slippers. If you haven't already trained your pet to get your slippers, here's an idea...using a piece of dental floss wrap it around a doggie biscuit, place the biscuit in the slipper...pull the floss towards you until your slippers are at your feet. After a week or two of doing this your pup should get the hint. Hopefully. If not, being barefoot is more fun anyway.
  • How about picking up toys around the house? Purchase a toy bag for your pup. The next time you bring her a doggie bag home from the restaurant, train her that she can't have it until all the toys are picked up and placed in the toy bag. I bet they'll catch on really quick with this trick.
  • Laundry. Before I leave the house I always ask Foxy to please place the laundry in the dryer. She has yet to obey my command. What's the big deal? Open the washer lid. Place clothing in dryer. Using their teeth they could turn dryer on. Done. Yet, she still can't comprehend. Maybe someone else has a better plan, if so, please let me know.

Brilliant Idea

Pet Sweep
Pet Sweep

In Conclusion

This concludes my wacky ideas to help you get your dog to help out around the house. I wish y'all luck going forward.

If there should be some success stories, please keep us posted. We'd enjoy hearing them.

In the meanwhile continue to enjoy your canines who love you unconditionally. They have your back. They guard your home and family.

There is nothing your dog wouldn't do for you, that he's actually capable of doing.

If you should ever notice a dog being abused, report it. Don't sit back and think someone else will.

Be kind to our four-legged friends and they'll be kind to you.

Woof, Woof.

Milo & Sue


Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Does your dog lend a paw to help out?

See results

© 2013 Linda Bilyeu


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