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5 Facts About Your Cat You May Not Want to Know

Updated on October 28, 2014
Young kitten sleeping peacefully.
Young kitten sleeping peacefully. | Source

Cats' Birthing Process - She Does What?

If you don't know much about what happens when kittens are born, or more specifically, how your little bundle of joy (or terror) came to be, you may be slightly disturbed at nature's processes.

Fact #1:

The babies are covered in an amniotic sac/bag and after they've entered the world, the mother proceeds to lick off the sticky layer that's covering them. Cute in essence, like loving first kisses from mommy, but still pretty ew-worthy.

Fact #2:

Kittens are not born litter box trained, unfortunately. They're unable to see, can barely function, and are in constant need of mommy, so it's reasonable to expect they can't just hop on in. Of course nutrition is vital to their survival and growth, which means they go to the bathroom. They just go wherever and the mother takes care of it for them, by consuming it from their bottoms. How... sweet?

Bonus Fact: All kittens are born with blue colored eyes. They will change to their intended color shortly afterward, usually in the span of a few months.

A group of kittens is called a "kindle" of kittens.
A group of kittens is called a "kindle" of kittens. | Source

Has Your Cat Ever Done Something Like This?

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Cats Just Like Gross Things

Cats are naturally curious creatures. They like to sniff things, with an added curiosity and desire for things we consider gross, such as dirty clothing (socks in particular) and used-and-tossed items such as cotton swabs, tissues, band-aids, etc. Sometimes they even taste and/or eat these things.

Fact #3:

Why? The bodily fluids on them contain proteins and other "ingredients" cats like to munch on. They have the instinct to clean up blood as well, so they may try to get into that tissue you used for your bloody nose earlier. Try to keep these facts in mind to avoid unwanted messes.

In the television show The Office (US version), Dwight tries to give Angela a cat named Garbage, named for his hobby of eating garbage.

Bringing You Presents

Cat and mouse... Sparing you the gory details!
Cat and mouse... Sparing you the gory details! | Source

Cats bringing little "handpicked" gifts to your doorstep (or more unfortunately, indoors) is considered a sign of love for you, as unpleasant as it is to us.

Fact #4:

Sometimes cats will deliver the critters after they've already dealt with them and they're still alive. This is done when they wish to teach either their kittens or you, the art of the kill, the ways of the cat. Poor critter's suffering to teach the new generation or us...

Bonus Fact: Cats love to chase, hunt and play. They love string because it moves around easily and reminds them of the tails of the animals they hunt. Shiny string is especially interesting because it's reflective, causing for more fun and games. (Note: Don't leave unattended string for them to play with on their own because it can be dangerous).



Fact #5:

There are tiny "hooks" on the surface of cats' tongues to help both ease the breakdown of food and to grab pieces of hair which is loose or dead. The hair then gets digested, but not all of it leaves their stomach, which is what makes up the hairballs you see your cat hacking up from time to time. The shape isn't round like a ball as the name insinuates because it needs to fit through the thin tunnel of their esophagus.

Cats like to eat grass; it is thought it helps them stay regular and can remove hair and worms from their bodies.
Cats like to eat grass; it is thought it helps them stay regular and can remove hair and worms from their bodies. | Source

2 Extra Bonus Facts!

1. Cat urine has the ability to glow under a black light.

2. Cats can be right or left-pawed. Gender plays a role; a good portion of females are right-pawed, while male are left-pawed (like the way it is with humans). Aw...

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    • hwrites profile imageAUTHOR

      3 years ago

      @peachpurple Haha. I was shocked when I saw that picture because I didn't know what it looked like close up, either! Thanks for reading. :)

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, that picture gave me a close look at my cat's tongue, looks like my floor scrub


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