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5 Insanely Fun Winter Games to Play with Your Dog

Updated on December 4, 2015
5 Insanely Fun Winter Games to Play With Your Dog
5 Insanely Fun Winter Games to Play With Your Dog

You get home late. Fell over something on the floor. Turn the lights on and find... your brand new favorite thing (sofa, shoes, plant, ...) destroyed by an insane bloodthirsty beast. Does it sound something familiar? If not, this one is not for you. However, if you find this story true, read on - I help you get rid of your problem and found a way to make your four-legged tail-wagging friend tired.

A tired dog is a good dog

Every dog is totally different. That is why it is so important to discover your dog’s needs, habits and personality and adapt to them just as they adapt to you. All the dogs need both physical and mental exercise to feel calm, tired and satisfied.

It is not easy to provide them both every day, especially during the cold winter days when it gets dark early and they stuck in the flats most of the time.

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel - I got a beagle myself... it is a real challenge to weary him. He is very smart, solves the puzzles quickly and gets bored soon and when he is bored... well, finds a way to entertain himself, which is rather a destructive type of way.

So it is no wonder I decided to look up exciting games for him and we have developed some together. This time I would like to share our top 5 *seasonal* games we enjoy the most playing together on a magical winter day.


#1 Would you like to build a snowman?

Yes, a snowman. Surprising or not some dogs are just fond of snowballs... and the bigger is the better. Now imagine a ball twice their size - they just go mad to destroy it. It is even more fun if you find a slope you can roll the huge snowball down. Try it and I promise your sweet pet will love it.

If you happen to be able to finish your snowman despite your fury beast who is relentlessly trying to ruin it down it's gonna be so much fun watching her going crazy from the snow monster you built.

#2 Snowball Fight - take cover!!!

Does your dog love to play fetch? Some dogs are not really interested in objects thrown away - they just follow with their eyes and then look at you like 'Are you serious?'. This game is definitely not for them. However, if you own a dog who instantly give chase to anything moving, it is going to be fun for you both.

Grab a snowball and throw it far away (try not to hit your dog, it is played a little bit differently). He will run like crazy to fetch it, but since it is made of show they can't grab it - they get more and more excited as you go on with throwing snowballs. It is a really easy way to give them the required daily exercise.

#3 The Great Treat Hunt

It is so much fun for dog and owner as well when our beloved friends loose their minds searching for the hidden treats in the house or garden. It is just as much fun to play in snow. It can be even more complicated when you hide it inside a snowball and throw it in various directions. Don't forget to take warm cap and gloves. This game can be a bit longer compared to the in house version, but you won't regret.

#4 'Oh what fun it is to ride...'

Oh, yes! Winter is finally here and snow covers all the slopes and roads - perfect time to go out and sleigh. Your dog's going to start chasing you in the snow, it is the perfect way to make them tired. They can enjoy I promise as you are driving home, your dog probably falls asleep in the car.

It is very important to not to shorten the daily walks and the time you spend with your dog outside. I know it is not easy because of the bad weather, but they really need that exercise each day to stay healthy. Running in the snow is a little bit more tiring for them but still they need the same long walks each day. However on some snowy days you can exchange the walk with this sled chasing run. It is going to be fun.

#5 Superball

I have left the *bonus* game for last. It is one you can play inside as well and not only during the winter. Still I wished to add this to my list because it helps you a lot when you ran out of ideas how to deal with your dog who is lacking exercise.

So what is this bonus game? - Dog Activity Snack Ball.

I really did not want to close my top 5 with something what requires a special tool. However, today my dog kept on chasing this ball for more than an hour. He was so tired after that he is still sleeping like an angel… So I really have to mention that there are toys made of soft plastic in which you can put treats and as your dog is chasing it, the treats fall out slowly.

I have tried many but there is only one I can recommend. My problem was with the others that either the treats felt out too easily and killed the game or it was made of a harder plastic what really drove me mad because of the noise it made. There must be other products in your country as well, so choose whichever the best is for you. I just shared my experience to let you know about the possible problems you might have with a ball like this.

This is the type I have - Trixie Labyrinth Snack Ball. I tried both the smaller and the bigger one and I prefer the larger because it is not that easy for my beagle to put in his mouth, so it is more challenging to get the treats.

Further Reading

I hope you have found new ideas on my list for the next time your friend gets bored during the cold winter days. All of these games have been tested with my 2-year-old beagle boy and he went literally crazy and played until he was so sleepy he could not stand a minute a longer.

However, I know that every dog is different, so please share your feedback in comments what works the best for you..

© 2015 Ria Varga


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