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5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dogs.

Updated on March 3, 2018
fabulousmrsk profile image

Jennifer is a dog owner and writer based out of Toronto Ontario Canada. She works a regular office job by day to support her fur babies.

Things being a dog parent taught me.

The 5 important life lessons I learned from my dogs.

I am a dog mom to 2 adorable dogs. One is 14, and the other is 2 and a half. So as you can imagine both dogs have their own care requirements since they are both in different life stages. However, Both have taught me a lot about life and below are some of the life lessons I feel I've learned since becoming a dog parent.

1. Stay in touch with your loved ones

I am guilty of this. How often do we go through a day with maybe a paltry peck to our spouse or hug? Sure when I'm around babies my motherly sensibilities kick in to cuddle and love them. But I often forget to give a meaningful hug to my husband.

Dogs know that a simple touch from someone you love can make any situation better and sometimes make all the difference in the world. They appreciate the wonder and magic of a pat just because they love you and know that sometimes just sitting close enough to touch frequently keeps us warm and happy. Both of my dogs love cuddles and pats. I've found though that the cuddles and pats are just as good for me as they are for them. So now I try to think like them and make sure I'm having physical contact with my spouse. It's a simple thing but it helps me stay connected to him on a deeper level and helps both of our moods.

2. Never overlook the chance for a nap

Let's be honest, we all would love to trade places with our dogs for a day and enjoy their constant sleep schedule.

Dog's instinctively know the importance of rest and sleep. While we can't take as many naps as they do, it's not a bad idea to try and schedule in a nap here and there into our busy schedules. Most of us do not get enough sleep as it is, and a nap can help us get the much-needed energy needed to tackle our day. If possible, just lay back and fully relax for 20 minutes. If your lucky enough to have snuggly dogs like me maybe invite them to the nap time and enjoy a nice relaxing cozy nap together.

3. You are never too old to learn.

Early on in our marriage my husband and I adopted a senior dog. This dog had been through a lot. She was transported from the States to avoid euthanasia and lived in shelter settings for over a year before we brought her into our home. Her previous home was in a rural setting and we brought her home to a big, noisy, bustling city. So she had some obstacles to overcome.

But she did. Despite her age, she learned how to walk on a leash. She learned basic manners. And she eventually learned that while the city is full of noises they are not scary. There are lots of other dogs to meet, and sometimes if shes really lucky a person with treats! I often think back on how far she's come, and how much she grew, and find it downright inspirational. If she's not too old to learn and grow, neither am I!

4. The best toys are found not bought

I don't know how much money I've spent on dog toys over the years. I'm too afraid to even sit down and think about it. Do you know what my dog's favourite toy is? A pop bottle. He loves them so much that he actually hides them in caches around the house and every so often I have to go destash his little treasure troves. Don't get me wrong, he loves commercial toys too but it goes to show that just because something is expensive, doesn't mean your dog will cherish it.

5. You are never too old to play

So our senior dog was 12 when we brought a puppy into the house. This is an odd dynamic I know but for us, it worked out really nicely. The two dogs bonded so quickly and she actually would play with him quite a bit. Of course, it was monitored play because he quickly outgrew her (he's 72 pounds she's 20). Also, puppy teething made the interactions interesting. However, she taught him to play manners and would gently assert herself to him when being too rough. I do feel this really helped him in playing as he learned how to play without being too aggressive. She also benefitted from the activity and would often initiate the play sessions they had.

What lessons has your dog taught you? What role does your dog play in your home?

My dog Jackson demonstrating  how to nap to your fullest potential.
My dog Jackson demonstrating how to nap to your fullest potential. | Source
Evidence of all the toys I bought when we brought home our puppy.
Evidence of all the toys I bought when we brought home our puppy.
My two dogs bonding. The older dog (Tink the beagle) Really taught the baby (Jackson the bulldog) some great manners.
My two dogs bonding. The older dog (Tink the beagle) Really taught the baby (Jackson the bulldog) some great manners.

© 2018 Jenn King


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    • fabulousmrsk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenn King 

      9 months ago from Toronto Ontario

      They have a wonderful sibling bond. It worked out very well for us.Tink has always been great around other dogs so I think this is why it's worked so well.

    • fabulousmrsk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenn King 

      9 months ago from Toronto Ontario

      Thanks for the comment! I'm brand new to writing so the feedback is very welcome.

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      How beautiful...Yes, our dogs teach us much.

      I love how Tink took to Jackson.

      Loved your photos.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      9 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      You've described some great life lessons that we can learn from our dogs. I loved looking at the photos of your pets. Tink and Jackson look like good friends in the last photo.


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