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#5 Mesh Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Updated on September 5, 2018
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Chris has been a beekeeper quickly approaching 10 years. He enjoys learning about bees from others and a good conversation about honey bees

Sundance Pollen Trap Drawer
Sundance Pollen Trap Drawer

#5 Galvanized Mesh

As a beekeeper, one of the questions that makes multiple rounds every year is where can a person purchase #5 galvanized mesh, hardware cloth, screen, or whatever you may want to call it. Let's define what it is for people and then list five locations to purchase this screen.

What is #5 Galvanized Mesh

Galvanized mesh is a type of screen or hardware cloth that is galvanized. A coating of galvanization is applied to this metal to give it weather resistance and prevent it from corroding easily. Imagine a screen for a window, but made from metal and a silver coating like a chain-link fence has on it.

The #5 portion of this tells us that it has five openings per inch. The most common hardware cloth to find is 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch, most everything besides these can be difficult to find. There are farm supply stores that also have larger sizes, but the #5 is between a 3/8 inch opening and a 1/2 inch opening. It appears that there are only a handful of suppliers and probably only one or two manufacturers for this product.

Pollen Traps

About the only reason this product is used is for the screening to knock off pollen from the honey bee legs. The opening is large enough that a honey bee can pass through the screening, but small enough that the pollen on their legs is knocked off and falls to a catch tray for collection. Pollen traps generally use two 1 foot by 1 foot sections to create the pass through for honey bees.

There are blue prints to make several different styles of pollen traps on, this is great resource for beekeepers that want to discuss a topic or a beekeeper looking to build wooden wares for the apiary.

Why Pollen

Beekeepers collect pollen because it is beneficial in ultiple ways, here are a few:

  • speed up healing
  • an antioxidant
  • dietary supplement
  • reduce stress
  • reduce inflamation
  • strengthen immune system
  • help liver health
  • help allergies

There may be side effects with eating pollen with some people as well though. Caution should be used and pregnant or nursing mothers should not eat pollen. Some of the side effects are as follows:

  • allergic reaction(s)
  • increased bleeding if taken with medication blood-thinners

Have a discussion with a medical doctor if you are planning on consuming pollen.


McMaster-Carr is a reputable supplier along the lines of National Hardware that is found in Home Depot, Lowe's, and other big box stores and farm stores. One difference is that McMaster-Carr supplies #5 galvanized screen. The smallest size is 2 feet by 3 feet and goes up to 50 feet by 4 feet. McMaster-Carr is located out of Cleveland, OH.

McMaster-Carr Breakdown

Minimum Order:
Cost Per Square Foot:
2 feet by 3 feet
Breakdown is before shipping and handling.

Kelley Beekeeping

Kelley Beekeeping has provided goods to the beekeeping community since 1924 and supplies a variety of goods out of Clarkson, KY. Along this list of goods is #5 galvanized mesh for pollen traps. Kelley Beekeeping does offer free shipping on most orders over $150.00 and during the time of writing this that has been marked down to most orders over $99.00. The only offering for the product is a 3 foot by 100 foot roll that I am aware of.

Kelley Beekeeping Breakdown

Minimum Order:
Cost Per Square Foot:
1 roll (3' x 100')
Breakdown is before shipping and handling.

Brushy Mountain

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm is a company that many beekeepers are family with. A beekeeper supplier for 40 years based out of North Carolina. Brushy Mountain offers #5 galvanized mesh in 1 foot by 3 foot sections, with a minimum order of one linear foot. Most orders over $150.00 will receive free shipping as well, so look around if there is something else you are looking for.

Brush Mountain Breakdown

Minimum Order:
Cost Per Square Foot:
1 linear foot (1' x 3')
Breakdown is before shipping and handling.


TWP is a company based out of Berkeley, CA and is the only company listed that offers a swatch. A swatch being a 6 inch by 6 inch piece, this could be used for smaller entrance pollen traps. The cost of a swatch is $10.00 per piece. There is a 3 foot by 100 foot roll offered as a minimum for anything other than a swatch.

TWP Breakdown

Minimum Order:
Cost Per Square Foot:
Swatch (6" x 6")
Roll (3' x 100')
Breakdown is before shipping and handling.

Edward J. Darby and Son Inc.

Darby and Son offers a minimum order of 3 feet by 100 feet for #5 galvanized mesh. While writing this, the price is currently $159.00 per roll. This company is located in Philadelphia, PA.

Edward J. Darby and Son Breakdown

Minimum Order:
Cost Per Square Foot
1 roll (3 foot x 100 foot)
Breakdown is before shipping and handling.

Shipping and Handling and Hyperlinks

There are times when shipping and handling changes the price per square foot drastically. In an attempt to help with cost analysis, the company locations and links to the #5 galvanized mesh has been added for the hyperlinks. Hopefully this helps and gives options to purchases. I am not affiliated with any of the listed sites.

© 2018 Chris Andrews


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