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5 Must Have Pet Gadgets

Updated on September 1, 2017
Debra London profile image

Debra loves to write about a range of different topics that are of interest, she is sharing some of her work with the world so enjoy!

If you know someone who is a devoted pet owner, more than likely, they would appreciate a gift for their pet more than anything else or they are more likely to treat their pets with some great gadgets. Although to you it may seem like they already have everything that they need to properly take care of and raise their pet, it's safe not to assume. Of course most pet owners will already have the essentials such as food, treats, and toys just the basic items to take care of their pets everyday needs. However my list of potential gift ideas are filled with more creative items that you would not think to buy but would actually be very nice and convenient to own. Let me start off with the very first item or gadget which is the Woof washer.

1. Rover is a dog that loves to play, but he ends up filthy from the day. Bathing is a struggle not to talk about what a mess.Woof washer 360, the amazing new dog washing system, that washes your dog in less than one minute guaranteed. You will just attach Woof Washer to any garden hose and add the dog shampoo of your choice to the dispenser. Slip the hoop on your dog and slide to turn on. The soap and water instantly mix, creating a sudsy solution that scrubs rover clean from head to toe. The secret is the 360 degree design, a ring of water jets gently spray your dog for 360 degrees of clean it really is amazing. Regularly hose spray’s scare your pet away, but Woof washer spray feels like a soothing massage for your pet. Your dog will love to stay for the soapy spray that cleans him instantly. Woof Washer 360 works with any pet shampoo and washes hard-to-reach areas with 360 degrees and clean. The super spray washes behind his ears, it washes his back and even sprays his underbelly, even his tail so easy and lightweight anyone can use it and so fun every dog will love it.

2. Pura is a smart water feeder for cats. It automatically monitors and keeps track of how much water your cat drinks. It is a specially shaped water bowl that allows your cat to drink water without wetting their whiskers. The hassle free water changing mechanism makes it easy for refills. The activated carbon filter allows your cat to always have fresh and healthy water to drink. If you have more than one kitten no worries, Pura is designed to work for multiple cats. The Pura app will provide a friendly yet insightful health reporting for your cat.

3. Squeaker Buddy, Buddy GPS is the next generation in smart wearable for your pet and the first smart collar to incorporate illuminating LED lighting with cellular GPS tracking and activity monitoring for your poop machine. There are a lot of devices out there that you can use to keep track of your pets, but the Buddy collar is akin to several types rolled into one. The LED collar makes sure your pet is visible in the dark, but it's also a temperature sensor, an activity tracker, and location monitor. It connects via Bluetooth to an accompanying iOS (Apple Watch version included) or Android app where you can draw geofences on maps. And yes, it alerts you if ever your pet steps out of the zone you designated.

4. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel. If you like to keep your kitty indoors, at some point or another, you're probably going to see them go a bit crazy: rocketing down hallways, making flying leaps onto furniture, and otherwise acting out about the house. This is because all cats (even the indoor ones) need to exercise. One solution? A hamster wheel for cats. One Fast Cat is a kitty treadmill designed to keep your kitty happy, healthy, and safe. The wheel is designed for maximum kitty comfort, with a 1.2m (4ft) diameter and a tread width of 25.4cm (10in) so that cat can jog comfortably without having to worry about falling off or hurting her back. The tread is also covered in closed-cell EVA foam for comfort and to keep claws from snagging, and the entire construction is made from recycled plastic.

5. The HURRIK9 Ring Launcher is the funniest toy in the world for both you and your dog. Do you exercise and play with your dog at least once per day? If you are a busy person like most people, you may not get around to it every day. But your dog deserves a happier, healthier, longer life, and daily exercise is critical in achieving that. Meet the world's first gravity defying 100+feet flying ring launching fetch toy for dogs.

In just minutes, after a couple of ring launches, your dog has run over the length of a football field! Comes with multiple rings which work great even for dogs that aren't good retrievers because even if they won’t drop the first ring, they will almost always chase the 2nd ring. Works INDOORS AND OUTDOORS as you can control the distance of the shot by varying how far you pull back the launcher.

So there you have it this is just a small list of some good pet gadgets that you can either buy for your own pets or just give it away as a gift to someone who is very keen about their pets. Lets just recap on theses items.

1.Woof Washer that is quick and easy to us that is less stress.

2. Pura is a water feeder for cat lovers.

3. Squeaker Buddy collar monitor your pet.

4. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel helps keep them active.

5. Hurrik 9 Ring Launcher for your dog.

As you can see theses pet gadgets are not just toys for them to play with some help with feeding, others help with exercise which is important because we as pet owners need to help are pets live a long healthy life it is not all about the treats and spoiling them which is what we do most of the time.

Would you purchase any of these gadgets for your pet.

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© 2017 Debra London


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