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5 Practical Ways to Make Your Dogs Less Aggressive to People

Updated on June 12, 2017

Antisocial Dogs: How to Deal With Them?

Dog aggression is a serious problem that many dog owners face. There are those moments when you find it extremely difficult to control your dog’s anger. You feel helpless and you don’t know what to do next.

I have faced quite a lot of problem with my dog’s aggressive nature. Though he is friendly with me, he used to growl, bark and get quite aggressive towards others. He was not too comfortable with people and his only way to react to them was by being violent and angry.

To help him out of this situation, I have adopted a few methods by understanding the root cause of the problem. These steps have helped me overcome my dog’s aggression, and they are sure to help you as well.

Method #1: Using Positive Reinforcement

Dogs tend to get quite aggressive when they are out there exposed to their triggers. When you are in a position to understand the dog’s change of behaviour, you need to reassure your dog and make him feel special and positive. Spend more time with him and make him feel loved. Ask other people to treat him with love. This way, he will be able to get along with people and even other dogs.

Method #2: Meet an Experienced Dog Behaviorist

Finding a professional behaviorist is of great use. There was a time when my dog got out of control, and my only option was to call-in an expert. A good professional will be able to spot why your pet is behaving in an abnormal manner. A behaviorist will change your pets’ behaviors and will help them cope with people and other dogs in a friendlier manner. A behaviorist will also help you engage and cope with your dog’s aggressive nature. An expert’s opinion on your dog is sure to get some positive feedback.

Dogs and Agression

What's Your Dog's Purpose?

Method #3: Expose your Dog to Friends in a Safe Space

Aggression can be a result of fear and anxiety. Your dog might be feeling insecure and scared when he is out there and seeing other dogs or even your friends. This is due to the lack of socialisation. To help your dog cope with his fears, allow your dog to make friendly movements with the ones around. Always make sure this is in a safe space and there is no pressure on the dog.

It is very important to know your dog's feelings towards others. The book 'A dog's purpose' is a spectacular book that will give you more ideas on how a dog thinks.

Method #4: Cut-down on Guarding Time

Even if you want your dog to guard the house, make sure that there is time for him to come home and cuddle. He should be allowed into rooms where there are guests. Try not to shout at your dog when he is barking at others. Rather, welcome the friend and take him to another room.

Method #5: Distract your dog

Finally, here’s an easy method that I took quite often and will produce momentary help. If you are familiar with your dog’s behaviour before getting aggressive, then you can immediately take that step to distract him from reacting. Throw him some food or just play with him for while. This way, he will forget his aggression and continue playing.


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