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5 REASONS WHY A DOG IS MAN’S BEST FRIEND-Caring For Your German shepherd Dog

Updated on May 19, 2016

The friendship that existed between man and dog goes way back thousands of years, (about 27,000-40,000 years ago). The term man’s best friend isn’t because they depend on us for food and shelter, far from it; its way more than that. When humans were hunters during the Ice Age that is between 10,000 and 25,000 years ago man used the Taimyr wolf as hunting companions, beast of burden and fighting animals. When man started transforming from hunters to farmers, they began to breed the animals thereby causing their genetic code to become less similar.According to research, modern wolves and dogs all originated from the Taimyr wolf.

  1. 1. Your dog can go extra mile to protect you

Yeah that’s right. There’s a limit to the kind of protection you get from your bosom buddy, but not with your dog. Dogs can go extra mile to ensure the safety of their owners even if it may eventually cost them their lives.

A friend of mine have a German Shepherd named Kiara. This dog was the definition of protection and loyalty to my friend Susan. Kiara wasn’t really a guard dog, she was more of an indoor pet, but like most dogs, she’s always on alert for intruders and strangers alike. One fateful night, an armed burglar somehow got access into Susan’s house to make do with money and other valuables. He kept the gun pointed at Susan and asked for the valuables, Kiara was smart to detect the fear in her mistress’s eyes. The shepherd immediately pounced on the burglar who didn’t see such unexpected attack coming. The burglar fearfully retreated and escaped but not after putting a bullet through Kiara shoulder; fortunately, she survived it after proper care and treatment from her vet. The point is, your dog would always have your back at all times.

  1. 2. Your dog doesn’t keep record of wrong doings

It may take a couple of days, weeks or perhaps even months for a human friend whom you wrongly offended to let go and make peace even when you’ve apologized, but not with your dog. You can pinch your dog’s ears (playfully though), pull at its tail, tug at its fur or lightly step on his/her paws, they may not like it at that moment, but within minutes, they would be all over you again as if nothing ever happened.

  1. 3. Your dog knows when you are happy or sad

My golden retriever, Sasha studies my temperaments at every time and acts accordingly. When am happy, she jumps from cushion to table, rolls around on the floor with a gleeful expression on her face. Conversely, when am sad, she sits facing me, tilts her head to one side with a mournful look in her eyes as if trying to ask, “what’s the matter? Talk to me, am here for you.” Your human friends may care less about your situation, even if they do, not genuinely because they probably have their own issues to worry about. Your dog has only you to worry about, they don’t care about themselves because their whole live revolves around you.

  1. 4. Your dog is loyal to a fault

While the loyalty of a close friend you claim to be your best buddy may be questionable, the loyalty you get from your dog is unfathomable. Dogs are loyal, probably even unto death.There’s a movie that starred Richard Gere titled: Hachi-A Dog’s Tale. This movie is the definition of a dog’s loyalty to his owner.

  1. 5. Your dog loves you unconditionally

This is a statement of fact. Your dog would love you unconditionally; this may not be applicable to the love you get from your folk.

  1. 6. Your Dog is intelligent

An average dog is intelligent. Take for instance the German Shepherd dogs that are trained and used by the military to detect buried explosive devices, used by the police to detect drugs, used as an excellent guide and guard dog for the blind and also good at search and rescue.

Recently, a family house was on fire with two kids still trapped inside the burning house. It took an intelligent family dog- a German shepherd named Maxx to lead the firefighters to the exact part of the house where the kids were trapped; the kids were rescued on time.

Caring For your German shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is one of the most popular dog breed in America. The courage, loyalty and devotion is unrivaled compared to any other breed.

The adult GSD is a middle-sized breed that has a lifespan of 10-15 years. This dog is very agile, graceful, powerful and can cover a lot of ground with little or no effort.

The GSD is fun-loving and energetic, a loyal family pet and guard dog and very fond of children. Proper care should be given to this endearing breed in terms of feeding, grooming, exercise and general health to ensure their longevity.

  1. a. Feeding

Feeding of your Shepherd should be done at least twice a day. Feed your shepherd properly and avoid giving him/her food that contains protein or corn. Shepherds just love to drink water. Ensure that there’s always a clean bowl of water available for them.

  1. b. Regular visit to the Vet

This can be done at least once in a month. Check-ups by a vet is essential so as to ascertain the general condition and wellbeing of your GSD. The vet checks the nails of your dog, check for fleas, run a worm test and other necessary checks to ensure the general well-being of your dog.

  1. c. German Shepherd loves exercise

Shepherds are known to be boisterous and full of energy; you can’t help it, it’s their nature. Your shepherd may end up developing joints conditions like elbow and hip dysplasia if you don’t exercise him/her properly. All dogs love to play, GSD aren’t excluded.

Note: Young shepherds should not be engaged in too much of exercise as this cause them to them to develop improperly. Allow young shepherds to grow past a year and six months or approaching two years before exercising them properly.

  1. d. Bath Your Shepherd

Bathing of your GSD should be after three weeks to one month. If you have a tight schedule, your vet can do the bathing. However, bathing your dog personally creates a bond of affection between the two of you.

  1. e. Love Your German Shepherd

Shepherds have their own special intuition that helps them distinguish love, hate and other emotions from their owners. Never starve your dog up to the extent that it would strive for survival by feeding from a waste bin! At least I have witnessed that. It’s just not right. Refrain from scolding your shepherds on the slightest provocation; hug, cuddle and play with your shepherd regularly.

I have never heard of a case where a dog leaves or runs away from its owner, well maybe in some extremely rare cases where they are being maltreated. Suffice to say that a dog would always stand by its owner through thick and thin, irrespective of how they are treated. So, they need to be shown that love and care in return so as to establish that unbreakable bond of loyalty from him/her to you.


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