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5 Things you should know about Dalmatian dogs!

Updated on June 14, 2013

A brief introduction

Dalmatian dogs are pretty popular, especially after the Disney's movie "101 Dalmatians" which became a huge hit and everyone remembers it, young or adult.

This beautiful breed is famous and its trademark is the spotted fur that these dogs carry. Once you see them, you instantly recognise the breed!

Now, if you are interested in adopting one, have one already or you just love them, keep reading to learn the 10 things you should know abou them!

Black & White Dalmatian


Fact #1: Stand out

The first thing is the fact that they stand out from the crowd. Think about the last time you saw a Dalmatian. I am sure if you were walking with a friend, you told him "Look, a Dalmatian. Isn't it gorgeous?".

This is the unique trait of them. Everybody recognizes them and whether there are other dogs or people around them, they will always stand out, be unique and draw lots of attention!

As you see in the picture below of two healthy and brilliant dogs (a Dalmatian and a Doberman), these dogs' fur is not always black and white. It can also be brown and white. What matters, is that it is spotted!

Dalmatian and Doberman

Fact #2: Endless Energy

If you see a Dalmatian at the park, you will see a dog running endlessly, like he has an unlimited stamina.

Their daily exercise is a "must" and their body supports them with a good amount of muscle mass!

Although their body is not big (they fall under the "medium body size" category), their energy and strong reflexes make up for it. Their average weight is 25-27 kg and the male is usually slightly bigger than the female.

Fact #3: Loyalty

This particular breed recognizes its owners as family and they will do whatever they can to protect them (if they sense they are in danger), even risk their own lives!

Their character makes them be protective and affectionate towards small children and other smaller and less powerful members of the family. They take pride in guarding them and love bonding with all the family members, love and be loved.

Once a bond is formed between these dogs and their owner, they will not be able to survive long times of solitude and especially apart from their beloved keeper.

Dalmatians Playing!

Fact #4: Playfulness

On the right, there is a video with 3 young dalmatians playing with some toys and biting them endlessly (ok 1 of them is sleeping:P)!

This show how playful they are and how much stimulants might need during a day, especially when they are puppies.

Their mother is also shown at the end of the video, running with her daughter on the grass and apart from cuteness, you can also see their big difference in body size!

Fact #5: Outdoor Activities

As it is mentioned above due to their need for running, fetch and bonding with their master, they are the ideal dog for someone who is a fan of outdoor activities like running, jogging, walking, hiking or anything else.

Taking them at the sea is always a great experience, since they like cooler environments and some cold sea water during summer can elevate their psyche and provide a lot of fun, both for the owner and the Dalmatian!


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