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3 Ways to Remove Pet Odors

Updated on September 1, 2012

Pet Odors Hard to Remove

If you have lots of pets in a house, then you know that pet odors are part of your life and that they are also difficult to get rid of. This is especially true if your pet goes to the bathroom in the house. Dog and Cat Pee can make a house smell rank. If you are going to have dogs and cats, or other pets in the house, then you need a plan for getting rid of the odors. There are 3 basic ways people try to get rid of pet odors: ventilation (opening doors and windows), Aromatic Scents (odor maskers), and air purifiers (ozone).


Ventilation can help to remove pet odors in the house. This is true some of the time. When you open the doors and windows and let air circulate through the house all the time, the air will be less stagnant, the pet odors will stay stationary for very little time, and the house will smell better. But the pet odors will not go away completely, especially if they have already sunk into the carpets and floors and walls. Ventilating the house will help but it can't completely remove the odors on its own. That brings us to the strategy of trying to mask odors.

Masking Pet Odors

An entire industry has cropped up around the concept of using fragrant aromas to mask bad odors. There are all kinds of fragrant plugins that release aromas into the air that overpower and hide the bad pet odors. The problem is, most of these aromas are composed of chemicals that are also not good for us. So when you use them, not only do you have the bad odors floating around in the air, but you have toxic aromas floating around that desensitize and in some cases can even burn your nose. Although there is an entire industry around this and it is very popular, it is extremely bad practice to mask odors. The truth is you do not need to, because ozone air purification can get rid of the odors entirely without masking them and without desensitizing your nose.

Oxidizing Pet Odors with Ozone

Oxidizing pet odors with ozone is the best way to get rid of them. It's a quick and efficient process that is not only capable of removing them from the air, but also from the carpets and walls and furniture. Many air purifiers use ozone and so are great options for attacking the odor problems in your home.

The best combination of all is to combine ozone air purification with some good ventilation. It is good to have quality air circulation and the combo together can clean your house of smells in a jiffy.


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    • 4FoodSafety profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 5 years ago from Fontana, WI

      Ozonated water will dispel the nastiness smells. One ozone generator vendor demonstrates with an onion - the smell is pungent until the ozone water hits it and it gone.

      I have avoided fish in my oven but should try a spray bottle to clear out the smell afterwards someday.

      For musty smells, I have used effectively and very cheaply charcoal - it has done wonders in our home rehabilitation.

    • profile image

      Zippo 5 years ago

      Odors are an ongoing problem for pet owners; candles and sprays are temporary fixes, which have to be replaced when they run out. Ionizers and Ozone

      generators are effective but can be expensive and require cleaning and filter replacement. There is a natural permanent application that will resolve your odor

      problems. Air-ReNu is a paint additive you mix with paint apply your walls, yes it’s a little work, but it works great and once applied it works 7/24/365 and does not have to be re-applied. You can find it on the Internet